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My Sexy Dreamer ~ @oddlynn3 #LynnCrain #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #MSS169

Welcome to Week 169 at My Sexy Saturday and thanks for being here with me. The holiday season has arrived and with it all the wonderful Christmas stories that make readers happy. I know I love the season and recently we experienced our first snow in New Mexico. It was a wonderful sight.

This week the theme is My Sexy Dreamer and there is nothing more sexy than time travel. I love time travel and have a series just for it called the Time Travel Bureau. It has agents that go out and make sure no one is messing with time as we know it. It’s fun and wonderful and exclusively available in the anthologies I do with the World Romance Writers. The first single in the series, Sealed With A Kiss, will be released next month. Today, I’m talking about the second in the series, Her Magical Vienna Christmas, that was just published on December 1. It is in the Holiday Magic anthology and it’s available at all major ebook venues. Don’t forget to get your copy today! Here’s the setup:

Cryptographer Elizabeth “Lizzie” Camden is more in tune with numbers, cyphers and puzzles than she is with the real world. When her job takes her back in time to 1874 Vienna, she’s more than surprised to find Michael Sondervan there as well. She hadn’t seen him since college when he broke her heart.

Michael has always regretted the way things turned out between him and Lizzie. When he needs someone to figure out the cryptic warning, he knows he needs the best. And Lizzie is the best. Giving her a magical Vienna Christmas in the bargain, he hopes will bring them together and prove his love to the only woman for him.

I loved writing about Lizzie and Michael as the rediscover their love for each other, for history and the life they plan to have. Vienna is a wonderful place to write about and I love revisiting it again and again. Here’s my seven paragraphs from this wonderful story:

Lizzie snuggled deeper into the warmth of the bed. She hadn’t slept so well in years. It was quiet as the palace was set back from the street and its noise. Stretching, she squeezed her eyes shut for another quick minute. When she opened them, she jumped as Michael sat in the chair by the window.
“How long have you been there?” Her voice was raspy, all sexy and low.
He arched a brow and chuckled. “Long enough.”
She pulled the covers up to her chin. “I’m not sure it’s fine for you to be in here. Aren’t we supposed to be maintaining some sort of decorum according to the time we’re in?”
“What’s wrong, Lizzie? Afraid I’ll see something I haven’t before?” He clasped his hands, eyes gleaming. “Or is it that you want something more?”
Hell, she hadn’t been here even two days and he was filling her head with innuendo and thoughts of sex. Taking a deep breath, she examined him from head to toe. Two could play this game. He was dressed in a light heather gray suit. It hugged him in all the right places and if he’d just stand up… “What did you have in mind?” she purred, pushing the covers out of the way to start crawling over them toward him.
Surprised, he moved further back in the chair, his eyes wide. “Don’t play with me. I’m not the guy you shoved out of our apartment anymore.”

This anthology is available now and along with my great story, you’ll be getting four other wonderful Christmas heart warmers.

Also, check out eXtasy Books, my traditional epublisher, who is having a sale on my books, many at just $0.99. The link will take you directly to my books. They have also bundled the first five of my Santa’s Elves stories as well and it is on sale at nearly half off. WooHoo…just in time for Christmas.

Don’t forget to check out the other My Sexy Saturday authors. They are all sharing great snippets from their books and they are hot, sexy plus well-worth the read.

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Sexy in the Sky ~ @oddlynn3 #LynnCrain #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #MSS166

Welcome to Week 166 at My Sexy Saturday and thanks for being here with me. For many of us, this has been a horrible week. Let’s just say, it’s going to take many of us lots of time to heal. It’s also going to take due diligence to make it right for every American. Enough said.

This week the theme is Sexy in the Sky and what is more sexy than traveling in space with two hunky, exotic male dancers. It has always been one of my dreams, traveling in space. Now, I’m too old to do it and so I have to live through my characters. Today’s story is one I’ve showcased here before, The Harvester. It is a fun, sexy, space opera type romp that was fun to write. Someday, I promise to write the sequel. Don’t forget to get your copy today! Here’s the setup:

Princess Sky Xera Nerezsh came to earth to avoid the normal succession to the throne. Being the oldest daughter, she will be required to murder her mother in order to secure her path to power. Sky loves her mother and refuses this way, choosing instead to disappear in the vast reaches of space. When her past collides with her present, she has to think quick on her feet, claim two men and a whole planet just to avoid the inevitable: a meeting with her mother. Along the way, she discovers true love and a burning need to be there for them always. Now if the other Harvesters can just keep to themselves, they’ll have no problems. But who said true love was ever easy.

I loved writing Jax, Zane and Sky. They were some of my most intriguing characters. Imagine yourself suddenly in place you so didn’t expect. Then to find some erotic partners, who only want to jump your bones…well…you get the idea. What can be more sexy than that? Here’s my seven paragraphs from this wonderful story:

She open the door and peeked inside. The men were still up against the bulkhead but curled around each other apparently for warmth. Sky went to stand over them, taking in just how they looked after a forced sleep. Some men were absolutely horrible after being shoved into a cell then woken up somewhere along the way. Not these two. Jaxon and Zane were as handsome now as they were the moment she first saw them.
Hunkering down, she allowed a hand to wander over Jax’s hair. She wanted to pushed her fingers through to the back of his head and pull his full lips to her own. She turned to Zane and ran her hand over his hard biceps. Her breath hitched a moment and she wondered again just why these two affected her so much. More than that, she knew she wanted more than just sex as something knotted her deep inside where these two were concerned.
She licked her lips in anticipation of what might happen, of what she wanted to happen. They had been in their dressing room when she took them, so both had light robes on over their kilts. She pushed the fabric out of the way and ran her fingers down Jax’s firm abdomen. He had a very light smattering of hair, not quite noticeable whereas Zane was hairless but his body was just as muscular.
Boldness took hold of Sky and she wanted to touch them more, to fondle their packages just as if she had been a real Harvester again. Part of the job was to insure everything was in proper order. Sliding her hand down Jax’s front, she moved her hand under his kilt and a moan of pleasure rewarded her. She moved closer and felt the weight of his penis in her hand. It would be more than adequate in size once fully excited.
The man turned over and arched his cock toward her just a little. Sky moved her thumb across the tip and felt the organ jump a little. Wait a minute...she had barely enough time to get the words out in her mind when she found herself flat on her back as violet eyes moved over her.
“I want to know just what the hell game you’re playing.”

Check out eXtasy Books, my traditional epublisher, who is having a sale on my books, so once you’re at their website, please just look me up and they will list all my books as well as the ones that are on sale, many at just $0.99.

Don’t forget to check out the other My Sexy Saturday authors. They are all sharing great snippets from their books and they are hot, sexy plus well-worth the read.

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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Sexy in History ~ @oddlynn3 #LynnCrain #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #MSS162

Welcome to Week 162 at My Sexy Saturday and thanks for being here with me. This past week has been a flurry of writing and entertaining my youngest, his girlfriend and their incredibly big, dopey dog. It’s been a fun week as we’ve gone to restaurants, hiked and did things we’d otherwise not be doing. And I’ve decided, I’m not going to make promises any more. See, I did this blog consistently for years and it’s only been recently that it’s been so sporadic. Life has a way of you making different priorities and I know that’s what’s been happening with me. So, I’ll post when I can if that works for you.  

This week the theme is Sexy in History and what is more sexy than time travel. Going back to another time has always been a fantasy of mine and I just love writing about it. This story is from the Letterbox Love Stories Anthology and will be on sale for another maybe just another week. So get your copy today! Here’s the setup:

In 2084, time travelling detective, Tandi Reynolds, tipped off by a letter, needs to stop an assassin before he kills a newly elected leader. When she finds him in 1874, Vienna, it’s clear a cold blooded killer is only one of her problems. Time is fleeting, so falling in love with her contact, the charismatic Count Leopold Radetzky von Radetz, is a bad idea, but keeping her feelings in check is not easy when she relies on him for her every need.

I love Tandi and Leo not only because of their history but by the very fact they are trying to save their world. They know that by doing so, it will mean everything stays the same and history as we know it will be saved. What can be more sexy than that? Here’s my seven paragraphs from this wonderful story:

Aloisia had come in just today and relayed a story she’d heard from the butcher’s wife about the floozy living in the Radetzky palace. She let Tandi know she’d set the woman straight. After all, it wasn’t her fault that she’d been born with the barbarians across the sea. Everyone knew the people from the western part of that country were plagued with Indians and buffalo and who knew how many other awful things.  
Tandi was not sure they needed to go to this ball then have a soiree themselves the following week. Both men assured her the only way to bring out the enemy was to make some public appearances. In the time she’d been here, she’d visited the dressmaker and the milliner as well as the shoe maker, the jeweler, and the list went on and on. And that didn’t even cover the social events they went to during the last week. They went to concerts, dinners, strolls through various museums and parks.
Leo wanted to make sure she appeared to be a rich young woman, sympathetic with the radicals and lower classes. Twice now during their daily walks through Stadtpark, she had pulled off a ring or bracelet to give to some political party or charity organization.
Though Leo had pretended to be offended, he was watching those around them carefully. Someone knew they were here and had orchestrated them to be together in this time. But they probably didn’t know Tandi would bring an instrument for their escape back to their own time. Or that person just didn’t care because they felt their change to the timeline would be devastating. Still, there was something the three of them were supposed to see or do, and good or bad they needed to finish this and go home.
He also wanted people to think she was available and no matter how much she told him she wasn’t interested in anyone else, he still insisted she be presented in society as looking for a rich young man to fulfill her dreams. Which meant he was also available and that in itself made her privately fume.
Her attention was brought back to the present when she stepped on Desmond’s foot, once again. Her hand went over her mouth. If she’d been paying attention…
“I am so sorry.”

eXtasy Books, my traditional epublisher, is having a sale on my books, so once you’re at their website, please just look me up and they will list all my books as well as the ones that are on sale, many at just $0.99.

Don’t forget to check out the other My Sexy Saturday authors. They are all sharing great snippets from their books and they are hot, sexy plus well-worth the read.

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday's Scoop ~ The Art of the Con ~ @oddlynn3 #LynnCrain #WontBeFooled

As many of you know, I recently returned from Austria where I had lived for five long years. It was a beautiful place that apparently has taken the time to learn from the past. Maybe it was because they were right in the middle of the fighting, maybe it was because they had birthed the evil that took over Europe, maybe it was because they are smarter than we in America are.

This column is called the Monday Scoop because I used to write all about Austria but today, I’m going to write about the US. Normally, I don’t try to be political here nor do I try to influence those around me. I have a live and let live policy because I believe that’s what people need to do. I shouldn’t ever tell you how to live. Ever.

But I can give people my opinion. See, I believe that every day Americans are conned. We’re conned into believing all politicians are bad, we’re conned into believing the lies that the media feeds us and we’re conned into believing exactly what the media says. We’re conned into believing religion in ways we were never taught. No matter what it is or who it’s about. And what’s even worse, we as a society and nation allow this to happen.

WTF?!?! Sorry to be so blunt there but just when did we become a nation or society of lemmings? It used to be that all of us had opinions…our own opinions…and while we might have sided occasionally with what the media said, we very rarely bought the whole kit-n-caboodle because we understood that the main criteria of being in the media was sensationalism. Just how many of us live a life where everything is sensationalized?

Very few of us walk the red carpet. Very few of us can go and get whatever car or house or furniture we want because of finances. Very few of us can walk into somewhere and say ‘Hey, I’m so and so’ then people start catering to our every need. But we have allowed that to happen to tons of people who don’t deserve the accolades. To people who are basically divas or assholes. Or those who degrade men, women and children for who they are or what they believe while they themselves will lie to keep out of trouble.

We need to go back to where we’re putting the everyday hero back on the front page. Where we’re helping out our neighbors without a thought to ourselves. Where we make America great because we are a great people. No one person can ever do that. Not one.  

That’s where we’re allowing ourselves to be conned. This is a team effort everyone. It’s a top-d0wn decision that won’t ever happen if a billionaire is in the lead. Especially when that billionaire really only cares about his own bottom line. He doesn’t pay taxes, he’s been married three times, he doesn’t pay the little guy what he’s owed and he doesn’t manage his money well even though it appears that he does. He just spends, spends, spends and bulldozes everything in his path. Including us.

Actually, me and others like me, should already be in his class but we’re not. I mean, I’ve managed my money and done well but I will never consider myself in his class even when I do have millions. Why you may ask…because I know that greatness comes from within…not outside myself. Instead of making this country great, let’s first tackle the people. Let’s make them value their selves and it will make this country great because we all will have a can-do attitude again. When a person believes that they can succeed at whatever they want, it shows and it happens.

Then there is the fact that I would never willingly take advantage of another person. I would never take your sorrow and make you feel worse, I would never take your disadvantage and use it against you. I wasn’t taught that way and I would always remember this is one world. It has a limited life just like me and I need to live my life to the fullest, the best way I can.

And I try to live by the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I personally want the best for every human being on this planet. I don’t care if you’re rich, poor, black, white, Hispanic, Native American, LGBT or any other acronym that may pop up in the universe. I believe in the fundamental right of every one to live their life in liberty, in the pursuit of happiness with justice for all. I mean every man, woman and child regardless.

I feel this way because I feel good about me. Yeah, to look at me, you might wonder why this middle-aged, overweight, woman feels that way. Because it’s always been my opinion that if you don’t like yourself, you’ll never like the world around you. You need to first like yourself, pursue some goals and achieve those goals before you truly can be happy with the world around you.

I like me. I love the life I have. Sure, I’m not above complaining and lamenting things but when push comes to shove, I am happy. I have what I need and I don’t mind sharing. I believe in everyone’s fundamental rights and I always try to see the big picture.  

I would love to tell you to vote for Hillary but that isn’t my style. I hope you do because for once we truly have a qualified candidate if you look at the resumes only. No one has ever had the practical experience and the education like that woman does. She would make each and every one of us proud if all could just get over being conned by the media.

But to truly get to the heart of the problem, look at the person in the mirror and make it right for you. Let’s not repeat a history none of us want. Let’s not be lemmings. Let’s not be fooled again just like the Who song states.

I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again
Don't get fooled again
No, no!

From the album “Who’s Next” ~ We Won’t Be Fooled Again ~ 1971

Let’s make this about us and not about them.

See you all next week!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

My Sexy Magic ~ @oddlynn3 #LynnCrain #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #MSS159

 Welcome to Week 159 at My Sexy Saturday and  as opposed to last week, this has been an incredibly crazy week. We’ve had doctor appointments, bug guys and contractors come to do bids on fencing. We’ve decided that we need a lawn tractor and the list goes on and on. I’ve also been writing like crazy and that isn’t going to stop soon as I have a couple irons in the fire for the holidays. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to post anything else but My Sexy Saturday last week.  Promise to do better this one.

This week the theme is My Sexy Magic. Since magic is one of most favorite things in the world, I’ve decide to go back to a story that I consider to be the first in my Magical Intentions series. However, that series will be set in present day and the story I’m highlighting today, The Taking of An Apprentice, is actually from a time before recorded history. Or at least that’s how I look at it. To be honest, I can’t wait to write in this world again and I’ll keep you posted on when I do.

This book is the actually part of the Tarot Card series at eXtasy Books. It was fun to write and the outlining for the next book, called Magic Not Lost. Here’s the setup for the story The Taking of An Apprentice:

In a time where magic is shunned, Oma and Cayden must defend the world from an ancient evil that tries to destroy all.

Oma Weir is a hermit by her own making. After her husband died, she was determined to need no one and nothing. However, fate has set a different path for the woman, and when Cayden Quirie shows up at her door, she knows the path she has dreamt is before her. Unfortunately, that path will lead to death and destruction, something every magic wielder tries to avoid.

I love Oma and Cayden. They have a love that transcends everything and are truly magical creatures. The very fact that they survived their ordeal should tell us something. And what an ordeal it was. I love the fact that they have sidekicks, which are little dragons called fierys and the fact that they live in a magical glade hidden from our harsh realities. Here’s my seven paragraphs from this wonderful story:

Cayden wrapped his arms around her, book in front. “I think we are meant to share this together. See, holding on to the book and you at the same time makes me want to bed you in the worst way.” His hand moved to cover her breast as his lips caressed her neck.
Her crotch sizzled with unused power and need. If she did not find a way to bleed some off soon, she would want to go deep into the forest and cast spells, thus taking the chance of others seeing. Maybe this was just the outlet she required for her skills. “And if I say yes?” she asked breathlessly.
“If you say yes, you will have a night of pleasure like no other.” His other hand fell away from the book and reached down to caress her quim in deep strokes through her heavy skirt.
She wanted to let her eyes roll back into her head as the feeling was so intense. It had been years since she had felt the touch of a man and she wanted more. “Yes—yes—this is what I want.” Her voice came out low and sexy as she rotated her hips more into his hand.
“Then I suggest we get on with it…where is your bed?” His strength belied his seemingly small stature as he swept her up into his arms. “I am usually more filled out than I am now. Prison can do that to a man.”
“Prison?” Confusion spread across her face.
He gazed at her, his eyes taking in every aspect of her face. “It was part of my journey here and a long story. We will leave it for another time.”

eXtasy Books, my traditional epublisher, is having a sale on the first book in this series. They’re having a few more on sale as well, so if you look me up once you get there, it will list all my books as well as the ones that are on sale, many at just $0.99.

Don’t forget to check out the other My Sexy Saturday authors. They are all sharing great snippets from their books and they are hot, sexy plus well-worth the read.

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A Sexy Dilemma ~ @oddlynn3 #LynnCrain #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #MSS158

Welcome to Week 158 at My Sexy Saturday and has been really a lazy week. I’m finally back at my new home in New Mexico as we travelled back here from my Nevada home. Unfortunately, I didn’t get as much accomplished as I wanted there but sometimes life goes that way.  I will get a full report this week with Monday’s Scoop and Tuesday’s My So-Called Writing Life.

This week the theme is My Sexy Dilemma. And no one has a better dilemma than sexy Captain Bekka Taylor. She ends up being on the run within the confines of her ship with Lietenant Javed Malik. What he gives her, along with pertinent information, is nothing short of trouble. And while I might have shared this last time I did My Sexy Saturday, there is enough sexy in this story to go around. 

I love my Orchid series but hadn’t thought much about it in a while since life has intervened far too many times in the last six years. But just last week, I pulled out the next book in the series and gave it a quick look over to see what I need to do to get it ready to submit. Yeah, I’m looking forward to having a real writing life again.

This book is the second book in the Orchid Series about a group of people trying to make sure robots don’t take over the universe. Their leader, Fallon Montgomery, is at the heart of it all and her story Fluke will be highlighted a different time. Bekka’s tale, More Than Robotics, mixes sci-fi with lots of battles and awesome technology. Get your copy today!

In less than the blink of an eye, he was again by my side, pulling me up from my chair, his hands taking my face to gaze in my eyes as he leaned toward me. “Don’t struggle,” he whispered close to my ears. “I think we have prying eyes.” His lips came down fiercely on mine, his tongue snaking in to dominate me and I wanted to do the very thing he asked that I not do. Instead I tried to let myself enjoy the moment as it had been quite some time since I had had this type of human contact.
My hands gripped his waist and pulled him even closer to me. I felt his legs press harder into me as his arms went completely around me. Within moments, I experienced the hard bulge of his body and mine responded in kind since my crotch dripped with need. There was nothing more I wanted to do except rip his clothes off that luscious male form. I let my thoughts drift away to what life might be like to have this young man all to myself for however long I needed to satisfy this itch.
He pulled away from me and shuddered, resting his forehead against mine. We should stop. His brown eyes looked deep into mine and I almost passed out as his next words flashed across my consciousness. You are an amazing woman and, rest assured, we will finish this. I want to finish this.
The last bit had exploded across my brain and I raised a shaky hand to rub my forehead. It was as if he were right inside me, whispering his thoughts. And I wasn’t sure I liked the implication one little bit.
Don’t fight the sensations. Let them happen. Fallon 2 and some other clonedroids helped us to perfect one of their technologies for our use. This is the major way they communicate between each other when they are close. I’m not sure of the working capacity over distances as we’ve never used them before. His brilliant smile took a little of the edge off what he thought.
You are now the proud owner of some audiobotic nanotechnology. They attach to your nerves for hearing and other pertinent areas of your brain associated with the function. From now on, we’ll be able to communication this way as we are attuned to each other. No one else is on this frequency. It’s ours alone.
I tossed a quick glance toward the camera I knew Trevor had poised on us and wondered what the computer would see. Closing my eyes, I knew I had to keep myself calm, otherwise consequences that neither of us wanted or needed would happen. I counted in silence to myself before I tried to subvocalize one word. You realize Trevor probably was the only one spying on us, don’t you? No one has access to this room unless on my order.

eXtasy Books, my traditional epublisher, is having a sale on the first book in this series. They’re having a few more on sale as well, so if you look me up once you get there, it will list all my books as well as the ones that are on sale. Here’s the information for the first book in my Orchid series.

Fluke ~ Book 1 of the Orchid series, sci-fi romance

Don’t forget to check out the other My Sexy Saturday authors. They are all sharing great snippets from their books and they are hot, sexy plus well-worth the read.

Have a great weekend...see you next week!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Here Comes Sexy ~ @oddlynn3 #LynnCrain #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #MSS154

 Welcome to week 154th week of My Sexy Saturday. This week’s theme is Here Comes Sexy.  I’ll admit, this one is a little hard to pick because all my heroes are sexy and they exude sexy when they walk into a room. That said, I decided to find my sexy snippet this week from a book in my backlist.

Things in the new house have finally got a little better as we did get our furniture last weekend, hence why I wasn’t here. Still, they left us with too many boxes to unpack because they didn’t have a big enough crew. I’ve decide that there’s a story there somewhere and I will write it someday. And I got my desk, my real desk, so I’ve totally run out of excuses for keeping things on my blog. Yes, Monday’s Scoop and My So-Called Writing Life Columns will happen this week if I can get them written before returned to Nevada for a short while to sort some reno issues out there too. And boy do I have a lot to share! Including the fact that I’m still not at my desk but a smaller tablet that doubles for meals. Arghhh!

Don’t forget to visit all the awesome authors of My Sexy Saturday this week. This is a fun place to test the waters for books and authors as each will share a sexy snippet with you. Every book is special and even though a theme is given each week, authors are not required to follow it exactly as every author has their own definition of sexy. That means sexy can run the gamut from smoking hot to very sweet romance.

This week, like I said, I’m going back to my back list and a book called, More Than Robotics. This book is second in a series that needs to be continued here in the near future. It is definitely one of my favorite books ever and it’s possible my favorite genre of sci-fi romance. It is from my traditional epublisher, eXtasy Books. Here’s the set up for this wonderful novella:

There were only three things in life that Captain Bekka Taylor wanted in life: 1) Command of a Warrior Class Star Marauder, 2) To grow old gracefully and 3) A lover who understood her fiery nature. She was accomplishing two out of her three objectives very nicely when an internal IUA conflict begins to encompasses the whole world as she knows it. Then Lieutenant Javed Malik comes aboard, clearly younger than she, with dreamy eyes and a secret meant only for her. But letting him in means getting rid of years of frustration and anguish and maybe her career. Can she survive another war or the smoldering looks from her junior officer sent to protect her 24/7?.

Here’s my seven paragraphs from this great story:

Stepping out of the elevator, I paused for a moment, then walked to the window where I watched the landing of the Valkyrie. I had an affinity for the old birds since they were the first ship I had learned to maneuver. The ship might look ancient, but was the workhorse of the fleet in many ways. It could make short or long jumps and it carried one or a hundred guns depending on the mission. It could also take supplies or people to or from a planet as well as be the fiercest of fighters when needed. And many times, it had saved my ass in my early career. Fifteen years ago we had been in a war against terrorists not unlike those of the UFF. The bigger IUA got, the more we had been called on to protect the outlying planets and colonies, some of which were in the Alliance and some which were not.
My wait was short lived. The landing bay doors opened and the ship glided in for a near perfect landing. This was different than the beginning of the journey when the smaller ship was thrown out of the larger ship at the end of a catapult. I had to wait until the airlock secured before I went out to the deck. The light turned green, I opened the door and marched toward the ship that had caused my crew concern. I couldn’t help but admire the ship. I didn’t wait long for the door to cycle with the loading ramp coming down. A few more minutes passed before the pilot received the all clear from the flight officer on deck. I could have disposed with all the formality, but decided not to. I didn’t want anyone to think certain people had special privileges. The crew didn’t need to know who Fallon was to me.
I don’t know what I expected, but when the pilot removed his helmet, my breath caught in my throat as my heart skipped a beat. His ebony eyes and thick, black hair immediately had my attention. I always had a soft spot for dark-haired men. His skin was like a reddish cafĂ© au lait and his smile was brilliant. Years had gone by since anyone had made my heart flutter and this man sent me into hyper drive with his good looks and great body.
“What’s your name, soldier? My comspec was a little lax in giving me your particulars.” I turned and headed toward the elevator. No one needed to see the desire building in me.
“Malik, sir.”
I glanced back at him, but continued to walk. “A first name?”
“Lieutenant Javed Malik, sir.”

eXtasy Books, my traditional epublisher, is having a sale on the books listed below. You can get a substantial savings and even some free things by just visiting their website. Hope to see you there and don’t forget to pick up your copies today of these fabulous sale books!

The Thing About Elves ~ Book 2 in the Santa’s Elves series
The Haunting of Maggie Grey ~ Award-winning Scottish Historical about a woman doctor
Captive Illusions: Iain and Kelsey ~ Story about a woman’s darkest fantasy
Fluke ~ Book 1 of the Orchid series, sci-fi romance
An Elf’s Desire ~ Book 3 in the Santa’s Elves series
A Love for Eggther ~ Book 3.5 in the Santa’s Elves series
Shopping Spree ~ Story about a very special dress shop

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