Sunday, April 8, 2018

Mystic Realms Author - Lexi Thorne - #MysticRealms #LexiThorne #SleepingInTheDragonsDen

Logline: His Hungry Dragon My Curious Desire; His Tattoo Curse My Wet Dreams

Blurb: She woke up with that growled word still in her ear. Her body was sweaty, and she had thrown the covers off sometime during the night. But Lucy was alone in her bed. As alone as she had always been after these dreams. As alone as she had been ever since the dream started when she turned eighteen. She stroked her hand across the tattoo over her heart. The intricate tattoo on his back was branded into her mind. It was the only thing she knew about him. The sad part of it was, she had never screamed like that for anyone else. It had ever only been him, the phantom man of her dreams. She had never told anyone about it, though. Though, she thought Con might have his suspicions.

Available for pre-order NOW! Release date: April 10, 2018

What was the one thing you like most about this story?

I liked the idea behind the story at its core two people connected by love through their dreams. Even before they met for real they were dreaming about one another and longing to touch each other. I really enjoyed the symbolism that dreams, and tattoo’s play into the story.

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