Friday, October 3, 2008

Starting Over's been forever since I've written in this blog...and I realize the error of my ways! Blogs are important because it is one of the ways that we authors interface with our readers. I have some exciting things going on. Notice the redesign of this blog. It took me some time but I think I finally have it licked! I have great colors and a sexy picture. The picture will change with my mood but the overall scheme is really nice. I've also been submitting to NYC and am hopeful something will pop there soon. Only time will tell and until then, I'll keep on writing! On the right sidebar are my two newest books. They are part of my Santa's Elves series. A Love for Eggther came out in August and An Elf's Magic is due to come out in December. I love both of these covers and want everyone to see them. I will try to keep these blogs as up to date as possible. At a minimum I will be posting to it once a week as I now belong to a total of four other blogs. I've listed them in the link area. Talk to you all soon! Lynn

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