Thursday, November 19, 2009

An Interview with Tracy Ranson

My second interview today is with Tracy Ranson. Please join me in welcoming her to XtraOrdinary Romance. Welcome, Tracy!

At what age did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

Hmm, this is a tough one. I guess as long as I’ve had memories. When I was little, my mom would try to tell us bedtime stories but I always managed to interrupt her and tell her how the ending SHOULD be…LOL…I also used to take my storybooks and re-write the endings if I didn’t like them.

What has been your biggest influence on becoming a writer?

My husband I would have to say. He’s been my biggest cheerleader and fan. He told me there’s nothing in this world I couldn’t accomplish.

How did you feel when you got your first publishing contract?

I was over the moon! I’d finally made it. I’m not exactly where I want to be yet but I’m getting there.

How many novellas/novels have you published to date? When did you have your first sale?

I’ve got eight published with more coming soon! My first sale happened in 2003 and I’ve continued on since then!

Tell me about your latest release. Please include if it is part of a series or a standalone book. 

My newest release, SEDUCING THE DUCHESS, will be coming out soon from The Dark Castle Lords publishing. It’s a standalone with a possible sequel coming out in the future.

What was your inspiration for this book?

I have a few personal reasons why I wrote this particular book but actually my husband was the inspiration. He is a hell of a good man and loves me no matter what my size or shape is. He is a very handsome guy who works out a lot and gets quite a few stares from women as he walks by with his muscular build and long blond hair (I am currently trying to talk him into modeling for the covers of my books). He never looks at any other woman except me. I modeled my hero, Kieran of Stratford, on his personality. Constance of Ravenwood isn’t your typical size 2 heroine. She’s a real woman and Kieran is enthralled with her delicious curves.

How do you categorize yourself: pantser or plotter?

I’m a bit of both. It depends entirely on the actual story.

How do you handle the editing/revision process?

It can be a bit daunting but with each new book, the process becomes smoother and faster.

You’re received some fantastic do you feel about them and why?

I’m thrilled with them! In the beginning, my reviews weren’t so hot but now they’re scorching with a few recommended reads in there as well.

Did anything odd happen while you were researching this story?

I did learn a bit more about the medieval time than I knew before, especially about bathing habits. For example, a tub would be filled with hot water and the lord of the manor would bathe first followed by his wife, children and so on. The servants used it next and depending on your rank in the household, you might be dead last and using water however many people ahead of you used. I’ll bet that water left a ring!

How do you get your ideas for your stories? Do they come all at one or in bits and pieces over a period of time?

A bit of both. Most of the time I get them when I’m not thinking about a new project.

If you could time travel, where would you go?

I would wing my way over to Elizabethan England.

If you could spend the day with anyone in the world who is famous, who would it be? Why did you choose them and what would you do?

That’s easy. Elizabeth I. In a world dominated by men, she chose her own path and chose not to have a husband and children. She was of her own mind and did things her way without the influence of a husband. She was the first true feminist and pioneer for many women.

Share a little bit of the ‘real’ you with our readers. What do you do besides writing? Any hobbies? Dark secrets?

Too many hobbies, so little time. I knit mostly but I also crochet, sew, paint, cook, make pastries.

Who is your biggest fan?

That’s another easy one. My husband. Not only is he my biggest fan but my biggest hero and the model for all of my heroes.

Tracy’s Bio:  I’ve been an avid fan of history all my life. That love started in my childhood. Instead of reading us fairy tales, my father would read to us from history books that he had, on all different subjects and levels. Intrigued by the past, I hungered to read more…

As I child, I would re-write the endings of all my books if I didn’t like the way they ended. My mother thought it was cute but she had no idea then what would happen today. It was only natural that later I would go onto writing.

I earned an engineering degree before I started writing, focusing all of my time and energy on it. After a while an opportunity to change careers came into play and I took it. My passion for writing came to the forefront.

With the love and support of my husband I am able to live the dream of being a writer. He is my inspiration for romance and what true love really is.

We live in a quite little neighborhood about two minutes from where I grew up. Our house is filled with 3 tails and sets of paws. Thomas, Pavel and Victor our beloved felines. Weird names you ask? My husband is a hockey fanatic and decided to name all the pets with the names of current hockey players.

My dream in life has always been to mold ideas and bring stories to life that are near and dear to everyone’s heart. I am very fortunate to be living my dream now. Continuing to hone my craft with each new book, I hope I am able to touch upon my readers and inspire them.

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Thanks, Tracy, for being a part of my 2 for Thursday was a blast!



  1. OH, I love this interview especially the part about what inspired Tracy to write this book. Congrats to you and your husband; he sounds wonderful...

    Does he have a clone??? ;-)

    Tracey D

  2. what a lovely interview Tracy. I love the fact your husband is the source of your heroes. Does he have a twin? *grins*

    PR Manager for Tracy

  3. Hi Tracy,
    I loved your interview...I used to change the endings on the stories that I would read or be told when I was little...once I was done listening or reading...before going to sleep I used to re-write the ending in my mind until it was one I was happy with...glad to know there are others like me...
    Your husband sounds like a total treasure...Lucky You! :)

    Happy Reading
    Anna Shah Hoque