Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weekly Winners!

The winners of this week's XtraOrdinary Romance Blog drawings are:

For Annie Alvarez is Tracy D.

For A.J. Llwellyn is Anna Shah Hoque.

All winners, please email me at for information on how to collect your prize.

Thanks for stopping by to see us here at XtraOrdinary Romance and see you all next week!



  1. woohoo!!! YAY! So psyched about getting my hands on AJ's book...Thanks so much Lynn and AJ.

  2. Congrats, s7anna.

    I would love to hear how you liked the book.

    Tracey D

  3. Congrats to you too Tracey...I'll be sure to put up a little review on my blog...once I get the book and have read it that is...probably by late Sunday this weekend.
    Here's my URL