Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Reveal

As you all know, last week I was nominated for the Creative Writer Blogger Award. I’ve had a wonderful week answering comments regarding my truths and my lie. Here’s my answers!

1) I live with a wonderful Scotsman who is the inspiration for many of my heroes.

This one is absolutely true. My husband is a MacLeod and we’re a Scottish family through and through. When we went to Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, the ancestral home of the MacLeods, my dear husband was cheeky enough to ask for the family discount. The answer surprised him even more as the kid working the entry booth was also a MacLeod. We’re going back to Scotland this summer if I have my way. LOL!

2) I have over five thousand, that’s right 5000 books, hardcover to paper to school volumes, in my house in two rooms and nine books cases.

This is absolutely true. Matter of fact the only real reason I know that I fit 397 books in one huge shelf is that we recently went through them to prune them down. I have two floor to ceiling shelves in my office, we have four more in a storage closet and a whole wall in our utility room. Each and every one of them have books. Like I said, there are some which are books from college, some which are the science fiction/fantasy collection and the rest are various romance books I’ve kept over the years. In my office, I have one shelf for my writing books.

3) My all time favorite movie is Alien.

Again, another truth. I know this might surprise many people but there is just something about Alien that gets me every time I hear the phrase ‘lucky, lucky, lucky’ and I can’t explain it. Also know that if I were to pick my top five all time favorite movies, they would be Alien, While You Were Sleeping, Somewhere in Time, PS I Love You and The Terminator. See, you can find a love story just about anywhere...LOL!

4) I just became a grandmother to twin boys.

Another truth. My oldest son, who was born when I was eighteen, just had a set of twin boys in March of this year. And boy are they cute! I’ve included the happy family’s picture so you can see I didn’t lie. They are truly a wonderful addition to my life and a joy as I can give them back whenever I need to do so...LOL! There is nothing like holding a baby who is just out of their bath, all warm and cuddly and smelling so good!

5) I love chocolate.

Lie and so not true. While I know this might surprise some of you, I really don’t like chocolate. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t eat it...I just don’t like the flavor...unlike my DH and sons who love it. Sure, there are times when the hormonal monster comes out when I crave the darn stuff, but there’s a reason for that I’m told. When I used to do the long hikes required to get my geology degree, we used to take a two pound bag of M&Ms for the sugar rush, two gallons of water and maybe a beer. Yeah, we were young and dumb but more than likely the beer came back and we’d have devoured the M&Ms and the water. They do give that sugar buzz needed to hike the hot desert mountains. My DH still wonders how we ended up together since he loves chocolate and always brings home some from Europe. LOL!

6) I have an elf series which will conclude with this year’s Christmas book.

Yup, the Santa’s Elves series is slated to be complete this year. I have a book for August if I decide to write something about the dark elf and I might not. The last child with have their story told this holiday season. Not much left to say after Maddox has his say. I do promise to wrap up the story in such a way, you all know where everyone is and what has happened with them since their story.

Now the part you all have been waiting for...the winner of the, let me explain how this works. I put everyone’s name in an excel spreadsheet and have either the DH or the youngest son pick a number 1 to whatever the total number is. It makes if totally fair as neither one of those have a vested interest in the outcome other than to make me happy...:-). So the winner for this contest, the $10 gift certificate and an ebook from me, is...drumroll please... Carol L. ( Carol please contact me at so we can work out the details!

Thanks for entering everyone! I’ll have another contest this week for another great prize.



  1. Congratulations on the twin grandsons, Lynn. I always say I love my grandkids so much, I wish I'd had them first! :)

    Rie McGaha

  2. Rie,

    I so know where you're coming from...LOL! My oldest son just doesn't understand at all...LOL!

    Thanks for stopping by!


  3. congrats on twin grandsons. Sorry I am getting to you just now..I was away for awhile and now playing catch up. susan L.

  4. Congrats Lynn on your beautiful grandsons. And thank you so much. I'll send you an email for my choice of e-book. :) Yippeee for me. lol
    Carol L