Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sexy Saturday

I don’t know if you are all aware of it but besides my Twitter and this blog, I have a yahoogroup as well and every Saturday is known as Sexy Saturday.

What happens on Sexy Saturday you might ask? Well, what doesn’t. I talk about books, post excerpts and generally try to have a fun time with it altogether. I mean, why shouldn’t we? It’s all about sexy men and wonderful romance stories, right?

I am also likely to post something from my works in progress there to see what the audience review just might be, same as here. But it’s more of a way to talk to you, one on one, about life and everything else that happens to us.

Here’s just some of the things which have happened on Sexy Saturday so far:

I have posted the following excerpts:

An Elf’s Desire
A Love for Eggther
An Elf’s Magic
Night of the Blue Moon

There has been an announcement for a blog-a-thon that a friend is happening. There has been some chit-chat.

I’m getting ready to start posting some sexy videos, some sexy pictures and talk about writing and the RWA conference which I didn’t get to attend.

All great stuff in my book. LOL!

I’m also going to talk about getting an agent, the next conference I’ll be going to which is CopperCon as well as one in October in Ohio if I can get it together in time, and I might even talk about my grandkids and Twitter.

See...this is a full disclosure place...LOL! So drop on by today and get the inside scoop about me. I hope to see you there!

Here’s the link for those of you who haven’t subscribed yet:  

All you have to do is to send me an email and I’ll approve you the moment I see it. I will also give you five more entries into this month’s contest which ends tonight at midnight. Remember that there are three separate prizes: one chosen at random to get a $20 ARe gift certificate and a book from my backlist, one for the person who comments the most which is a surprise and maybe one more...I’m not sure yet. I’ve had a lot of comments this month and I really want to give everyone a chance at a prize. Yeah, I’m a sucker that way. LOL!

Until tomorrow!



  1. Hi Lynn,
    You have one of the most "happening"
    on all your sites Lynn. Makes me want to write just on all the info and experiences you post. :)But by far the best is how much you love what you do. It comes out in everything you talk about.It's an amazing thing when someone loves what they do.
    God for you Lynn.That's the best of all of it besides your stories. :)
    Carol L.

  2. Thank you so very, very much Carol. This means a lot.

    Yes, I do love what I do even though my life gets hectic, writing is the only thing I keep coming back to again and again. I just can't live without it. I love writing and will do it until I can't.

    Thanks for stopping by!