Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Where I Need To Be

I’m copping out a little bit today as I need a couple of days to write. Today’s quote goes exactly along with my need:

Writing is my time machine, takes me to the precise time and place I belong. ~Jeb Dickerson

There are days where all writers need to do nothing but write. I’m in that mode right now and I don’t want to sell you all short so I’ll give you a little insight to what’s going on right now.

I just completed a new book for eXtasy books. Again, the subject is hush-hush but the fact I have it done is a tremendous weight off my shoulder. In all, I have about five more books to complete for them before the end of August. But the book I just completed needs edits as it came back from the crit group with some red on it. Heaven forbid! LOL! I actually love getting my work cleaned and prepared for the publisher. It is a good time to make sure I know everything about the book and that the characters haven’t pulled another fast one on me.

The other item I am completing is a book targeted for Harlequin Spice Bites or Carina Press, I’m not sure which. This book is also almost complete but out of the nine chapters, there are two which are skeletal and need more fleshing out. Then it too will go to the critique group and by now I’ll be praying I haven’t overwhelmed them. I write incredibly fast and I know it. Can’t be helped as the stories want out of me quickly. LOL!

The last item is the agent thing. I queried two at the end of April and one had said then she would want to see the whole manuscript. Not a word from either. Sigh. In this fast paced, epublishing/print world one can’t wait months for people to get back to you. By the time I have the next submission prepared, the above mentioned book for Harlequin or Carina, another two weeks will have gone by. I personally think that then weeks is sufficient time to know whether you’re going to ask for a complete manuscript or not.

So I’ve decided a different tact with searching for an agent and unfortunately it will depend upon how busy my schedule is. My thought is to send something out every six to eight weeks regardless if I’ve heard something or not. The reason for this is simple. I have read more than once these past two months if you don’t hear from an agent or editor in a certain amount of time, they are passing on the project without a written notice. Weird huh? I always thought it good form to just say a simple yes or no so everyone involved can move on.

Sure, you will get those who insist you give them reasons but profession people don’t need to know reasons as they know to move on. I consider myself professional and I’ll be moving on as their website states I should be.

So, now you know where I need to be. I need to be writing and editing and getting an agent. LOL! My writing will transport me to the exact spot...I just know it! I’ll be posting an excerpt tomorrow from a good friend of mine Celia Jade. You’ll see these pop up now and then when I need a day off from blogging to write or finish a project. Hope you won’t mind. I will be checking daily for comments.

See you all tomorrow!



  1. Hey Lynn,
    All you can do is what you do and Write. :) But no matter how many things they read yo'd think a simple yes or no would be the courteous thing to do so that like you said, you can move on. I wish you luck. And an answer. :)
    Carol L.

  2. Carol,

    That is so true. I love to write and there are days where I just have to concentrate of that objective.

    Thanks for stopping by...I really appreciate it!


  3. I know what you mean when you say you're waiting for an answer. I hate when someone tells me they're going to call and don't because I make sure I'm available when they say they'll be available. It's just rude to ignore someone.