Thursday, August 5, 2010

Heck...It’s Thursday Already!

Yeah, it’s been one of those weeks where I wake up with an allergy headache before my feet hit the floor. It’s annoying and I barely get anything done but it is that time of year. The only thing which will make it go away with any frequency is rain, as strange as that sounds.

The problem for me is humidity. I live in a place where there isn’t very much, about one to ten percent all year long. When it pops up to the thirty percent range with temperatures over a hundred, it’s very bad for me. My optimum is about eighty to ninety degrees with about forty percent humidity. At those numbers, I perform perfectly. Anything else and the balance is upset.

High temps and high humidity makes me nasty whereas places with a low temp and high humidity make me put on a sweater. I can function there, like in Scotland, but some days I just feel cold and it’s the same for a low temp and low humidity.

My husband asked me recently where I would want to move when I declared if the immigration issue on being born here isn’t settled correctly. I only had two choices and that was Canada or Scotland. Maybe Europe but I haven’t been there and don’t know enough about it to declare it somewhere I want to live.

I just take issue with penalizing a baby for its birth status because of what it’s parents did. It also leaves me with a strange feeling that those kids will never have a homeland because they wouldn’t be US citizens and certainly the country their parents came from wouldn’t let them be citizens there either. It would be such a no win situation for that child, it makes me shudder to think about it.

But then again, I didn’t know that Indians weren’t considered citizens until an act of Congress made them so in the 1920s.How did I miss that one in history class? What’s going to happen when we start colonizing the moon? Moon citizens versus earth citizens? That one sounds ugly and maybe something I should note for a future sci-fi story of some sort.

Oh, yeah, I did promise you all something...and here’s an unedited excerpt of upcoming book...The Harvester. No, I don’t have a cover or a publication date yet, I’ll let you all know when I do. And yes, it is a sci-fi erotic romance, which IMHO one of the best things I write. Enjoy!

The Harvester
(Unedited Excerpt)
© 2010
Lynn Crain


It had never been her intent to be at odds with her mother. The gods knew her mother was a formidable opponent and no one in their right mind would want to stand against the woman, least of all her. But life at home got increasingly hard as the days went by, so hard Sky understood she must leave, get out on her own or she’d never get the chance again.

She stood in the Hall of Eternal Beauty and felt very much out of place. The room was one of the many side chambers to her mother’s main receiving hall and a good place for a private conversation. Her mother immediately took her here upon her request for a private audience and she wondered why as the room was garish beyond all belief with hedonistic gold carvings along the upper part of the wall.

As she looked around the couples displayed in all sorts of sexual positions, she speculated if they were meant to arouse dignitaries from another planet or turn on the royals present. The cold marble floor would douse any erotic thoughts in her mind the moment her bare backside touched the cool surface. It took a minute for her mother to join her and she drew her eyes back to the door once she heard the woman’s footsteps echo.

“Are you sure this is what you want to do?” The fierce look on her mother’s face could make anyone tighten in fear but she had withstood worse.

“Absolutely, Mother. You told me I would have to make my way someday. I chose to do it now and in this manner. Is that a problem?” Her arms were casually locked behind her back.

Her mother’s eyes narrowed. “Not a problem, Daughter, but I do wonder if your motivation is something more. You are my oldest and my expectations for you are different than your sisters as you need to prepare yourself for my position some day. Travel may not be conducive to that end.”

She tried not to swallow hard. Any weakness on her part might clue her mother into her thoughts thus giving her a reason to deny her request so instead she smiled slightly. “Nothing more than the need to be on my own for a while. Surely, you understand my need. It is my hope my sisters will more than make up for my absence.”

She listened to the stories over and over again where her mother asked her grandmother for some freedom and that freedom denied more than once. Her mother told her daughters repeatedly, she would never disallow them such a basic need.

Her mother relaxed, returned her smile and patted her shoulder. “I understand, Daughter. I will expect to hear from you at regular intervals.”

She bowed her head. “Understood. Are there any other instructions you might have for me?”

Her mother shook her head. “Not really. Pick up a standard packet before you leave. Good journey.” Her mother drew her close and placed a kiss on her cheek. “I expect good things from and about my Daughter.”

Sky attempted to control her facial expressions as the statement shocked her. Affection wasn’t one of her mother’s strengths shown towards her offspring. As far as she could tell, her mother considered her daughters only in terms of political maneuvering. Whatever the motive, she could not risk offending her. “Thank you, Mother.” She returned the kiss and backed away. “I won’t disappoint you.” She did a full bow and backed from the room completely before turning to make her way down the hall in slow, sure steps.

Her happiness was hard to contain, as she understood she was free to pursue her own agenda. Free of her mother’s overbearing manner. Free of her insufferable rules and regulations on how one should live their life. As she walked down the corridor, she made her plans, those plans didn’t include any of her mother’s teachings or wants or desires. Sky realized the moment she was able, she would drop off her mother’s wide-ranging radar.

Then, her life would in fact begin.

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