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Sexy Saturday

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Sexy Saturday. Today we have the wonderful anthology, Violet Visions, which is currently available, though a few years old. Just look at what you get when you purchase this one! Eighteen wonderful stories from fifteen great authors! This is perfect for those wanted to add new authors to their TBR list!

I hope you enjoy!

Flame Rating: 4 Flames
Pages: 350
Category: Science Fiction/Paranormal/Fantasy/Romance/Gay/Menage a Trois
Cover Artist: Martine Jardin

Violet-of-the-Night by Astrid Cooper

Violet is Queen of the Netherworld, but when Vallejo invades her domain, succubus and vampire are captured by passion’s darkest desires.

Damson Rapture by Evelyn Starr

Dinner at ‘Tavern On The Green’ or ménage a trois? Did Twila ever really have any doubt which it would be?

Everscape - Dark Night of the Soul by K.A. M'Lady

Secrets lie in ancient bloodlines
Darkness awaits in the Lands of the Dead
Some journeys are better not taken alone

Grape and Gravity by Viola Grace

Held up as a prize for any fighter who would choose her, Tara is secure in her lack of attractive properties. Until Galeno fights through the alien horde to claim her as his own.

The Purple Heart by Madeleine Grant

Terrified of her fate at the hands of a lecherous King, Princess Vanessa has no choice but to submit to the king’s Chief Procurer, Derek Hanford. Derek initiates her into the pleasures of passion, but can he save her from the king’s clutches?

Lorelei by Astrid Cooper

When Lorelei lures Reilly with her siren’s song, he is more than willing to play her game. But when flesh meets flesh, songs are forgotten as passion burns brighter than a supernova.

Servicing the Sheika by Tianna Xander

A queen needs a child and sends out her priestesses to bring her a man to fulfill her every carnal need. Will he succumb to her demands, or will he force her submit to his every waking desire?

Loving the Sheika by Bonnie Rose Leigh

A woman from another world seeks a human for her mate. Will he let her leave him behind or will she choose to stay with him on Earth?

The Last Assignation by Sean MacReady

Azulema’s contract was explicit: She could not enter the tower with anything holding electrical current. The paranoia quotient for this assignation was one hundred percent.

Private Dancer by Lynn Crain

On her way to Araelus Prime, Aeryn first has to complete a temporary private dance assignment on Janus 345. But it turns into a hellish nightmare and she is trapped on Janus--until she and her dancer friend Diana become violently ill. They see the doctor who tells them they’ve been chosen and there is only one method to cure what ails them.

The Reliever by Jojo Brown

A world without intimacy. A world without touching. A world where The Reliever was truly needed!

Saloon on the Moon by Alexis Anthony

Sylvia Foster, winner of the Miss Nude Australia contest, now competes for the Miss Nude Galaxy. She finds a lot more on the moon than just the competition.

Star Of The Show by Stone Richards

Beneath the violet costume, the purple lipstick, and the lilac tinted powder, Jonni Marlow is all male.

Psiber by Viola Grace

Psiber - It's all in your head, and we bring it out.
In an exclusive environment, we invite you to Psiber. The ultimate way to live out your fantasies in a perfectly safe and contact free manner. Enter our facility, have your experience, and leave with a memory of the perfect sexual encounter, orchestrated by your own mind.Psiber - It's all in your head, and we bring it out.

Vylet Ultra by Astrid Cooper

Vylet rules by pleasure and when Gold is presented to her, she sees that he has a soul as dark as her own; but in their confrontation, who is captor and who is captive?

The Artists's Model by Fawn Lowery

The naked human body is the truest form of art. Can Gina seduce the hot artist she’s hired to paint her portrait?

Chaos by D. J. Manly

Gareth thinks he has blown a tire or ran over something with his truck. As he gets out to investigate, he is approached by a grubby young man who accuses Gareth of near killing him. The young man blackmails Gareth into giving him a ride to the next truck stop. Little does Gareth know what the gods have in store for him and his new companion.

Twisted Ice by Gabriella Bradley

When Nittya embarks on a boring mission to an unexplored galaxy, she runs into trouble. Her ship crashes on a frozen planet, and she’s sure her last hour has come. But…she wakes up naked, strapped to some sort of table and undergoes experimental exploration of her body, and…the ice planet’s silent alien population is quite perverted, as she’s soon about to find out.

Private Dancer
By Lynn Crain
© 2007

Letting out a big sigh, I wasn’t all that sure my bravado would hold out while I talked to Darren. The man could be damn convincing when he wanted to be. Knocking quietly on the door to the office, I remembered the last time I was here. I had spent most of the time evading Darren’s roving hands and mouth. This time I knew I didn’t have a chance if I wanted to take Di to the doctor.

“Who is it?” His deep voice could still send tingles of pleasure down my spine though his brand of sex was too kinky even for me.


“Come in.”

Placing my hand on the door knob, I sucked in one last breathe, forcing myself to concentrate on the task at hand, not what Darren would want. “Hi, Darren.”

He sat behind a huge desk meant to intimidate anyone who came in. Thank god, I wasn’t intimidated by much. “What can I do for you? As you can see I’m really busy today and don’t have time to be dallying with the likes of you.”

And he was in a definitely foul mood today. It briefly crossed my mind that the new girl didn’t put out like expected. He’d been in a foul mood for weeks when I wouldn’t give into his desires a couple of years ago but even then I could sense something dark and sinister behind that pretty boy face. And pretty much vanilla sex was all he’d ever gotten from me even though I knew he had wanted more. “Diana is really sick and needs to go to the doctor.”

“You’re telling me this because?” Irritation flashed across his face.

“I’m getting what she has, so I’m taking her there. I don’t know when we’ll be back.”

A scowl flashed across his face. “I can’t spare both of you. There are plenty of reservations tonight for private dancers.”

“Would you rather us puke in their faces?”

Eyebrows went up and he sat back in the chair. “Is it really that bad?”

I sighed. “I think so. She looks like death-warmed-over and I’m starting to feel the same way.”

“You do look a little washed out.” Getting up from the chair, he walked toward me. I knew that whatever came my way, I’d just have to deal with it. “I’ll let you both go on one condition.”

I swallowed hard. “What’s the condition?”

“You have to fuck me right now.”

This time I was surprised. “Straight fucking, nothing kinky?” I questioned.

“Maybe a little anal but I don’t have time for anything else today.” He started to remove his tie as he knew that I would do anything to get out of dancing for a night. Especially if it involved Diana. “Lock the door.”

I swallowed hard and turned to lock the door. Anal might be a little tough as I hadn’t done it since we’d had our last encounter about eighteen months ago. Besides the man was huge and I was tight. Sliding his hand under my shirt, he tweaked my nipples until they were tight buds. The feeling flashed all the way to my groin and I knew I was in trouble. Not the bad kind but the really good kind.

“Is the privacy field on?” I managed to ask and reached around to hold Darren’s head as he began to kiss my neck. This was going to feel wonderful. When did I get so much into sex? Usually, I was the one who held back but suddenly I craved it.

“Always,” he murmured and continued to caress my boobs. Working his way down, he slid his hands inside my pants and spreading my vulva to caress my already hard nub. It had been a long time and I was dripping with need and anticipation. “Let’s get these things off.”

Slowly, he undressed me, caressing my body as he removed each piece of clothing. Even though he was kinky, he was a damn good lover when he wanted to be. Leaning down, he popped my nipple in his mouth, licking first one and then the other. Pushing me back into the closest chair, he went down on me, licking my slit with expert precision.

“You know I’m going to want the same,” he whispered as his hands reached up to pinch my nipples until they were pointy and hard.

“Not a problem,” I murmured between breaths. Pulling my ass closer to the edge of the chair, he put two fingers inside me, dragging the wetness up to saturate the area before thumbing my clit. I nearly flew out of the chair and began panting. My hips wiggled and arched more into his mouth as his tongue did me in the slowest, most sensual tongue fuck I’d ever had.

Pounding his fingers in and out of me, he licked my clit, pulling and teasing my body toward orgasm. Pulling back, he continued to caress me with the big pad on his thumb. “Let’s get on the floor and do a sixy-nine.” His beautiful smile enticed me to do things I wouldn’t normally do.

“Sure, as long as you’re not pumping that big dick of yours into my mouth from the top. I need to breath, you know.”

I felt his chuckle on my abdomen. “Have it your way.” Pulling me onto the floor, he hovered over me. “Undress me the rest of the way and make it good.”

Licking my lips, I looked at him and ran my hands up his chest to caress his already hard nipples. With one hand, I unbuttoned each button and placed my lips on him, kissing all the way up. Laving his neck with my tongue, he rewarded me with a sigh of satisfaction. Taking his mouth with mine, I kissed him long and deep, allowing my tongue to war with his as I caressed the inside of his mouth.

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Thanks for joining me for Sexy Saturday! See you all next week!


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