Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Lure of Twitter

As many of you know, I haven’t been around her much recently, if at all. Some of you might have asked, what happened to Lynn or even wondered why I had abandoned you and my blog.

I can tell you there were many reasons with the biggest being the time investment versus the return on that investment. It wasn’t that I didn’t appreciate each and every one of you, I did and I still do. You have to admit posting daily, even when I schedule those posts, can be a tedious thing to do. I was tired of tedium as well as writing.

Don’t get me wrong. I still wrote. I made attempts to move my career forward but I just wasn’t motivated to do so. Again, the reasons are many. I had new grandsons and needed to spend time with them. I was finishing a really big novel. I’d had personal upheaval in my critique group. You name it, I had it all in a six month span.

And I was tired, so tired of just doing things day after day for a career, which seemed to be giving me little in return. I know I’d gone through writing funks before but this one was different. Life was different.

In August, my husband came home from his Vienna trip to announce they had invited him to apply for a job. No big news there as my husband is good at his job. Then I discovered where the posting would be...Vienna, Austria...we’d known a long time it would be coming. Now, I was angry as I felt comfortable in my position: comfortable in writing, comfortable in family, comfortable in life.

Too comfortable. So much so, I made a run for it. I pulled back from a lot of my online social things. I didn’t want to blog, I didn’t want to post in my yahoogroups. I didn’t want to try any more because it would all change if I moved. A lot. Sigh.

Then I decided to go back to the account I’d started on Twitter earlier in the year. Here was something I could do. It didn’t require much effort at all. I mean, how difficult was it to type in 140 characters of good stuff?

Suddenly, I was hooked. I tweeted and tweeted and tweeted. Sometimes hundreds of messages a day. I started to follow other authors, editors, publishers. I got to know some of them. A lot of them. If truth be told, I was spending more time on Twitter but was it quality time.

Then I got my first royalties after I really put my all into the program. Wow. Sales are up. This is good very good. But now, how to make them better. I started attending Twitter classes at places like the Indie Book Collective on how to get more followers, how to turn those followers to buyers and so on. I even do Twitter giveaways. The point is, those 140 characters gave me my writing mojo back. There is just something about 140 characters that pulled me in and makes me stay.

So, I haven’t abandoned any of you. I’ve just shifted to a new medium, Twitter. You can find me there every day at @oddlynn. Come visit me and I’ll answer you. My blogs will be sporadic but I tweet daily.

Now, I just have to find the off button so I can get some real work done. LOL!

See you all next time...actually...send me a tweet!


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