Monday, February 27, 2012

Haven't Forgotten The Winners OR More Computer Woes

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you all know that I haven't forgotten you at all. I will try to get all the gift certificates sent today. Remember the internet issues I've been having? Well, it's apparently a combination of computer is probably dying.

Yup, just what I really, really need. So...I'm hastily backing up, which I do nightly anyway...and making sure I have all I need to transfer to a laptop in the interim. I just put in a call for my computer guru from the States to see if we can save the old girl...not sure we can...but I'm hopeful it might happen.

Last time these type of things happened with a machine I owned, I fried it. Yes siree...I killed that badly that the power unit exploded on me and I couldn't hear right for a week. LOL! Never had that happen for a while. I really hate to think about how our service men and women feel after being around the big guns for an hour. That one incident had my ears ringing for a couple of hours and telling everyone to speak up. Sure, it was an unexpected event and most of them will have ear plugs but I can sympathize. :-)

Have a little patience with me. I'm going to go and try it again here in about an hour. Amazon didn't like me when I tried it an hour ago. Even had to call my credit union AGAIN to make sure it was nothing I had done wrong. Nope, it's not me but rather something in how Amazon is processing the order that's making it crash. Personally, I think it's the damn computer. While I was on the phone there, Amazon got back to me and told me to try again in an hour.

I'll be keeping you all posted! I just know it's all got to be resolved today or tomorrow at the latest as we have one more blog hop this month. Ever hear of a Leap Year Hop? Yeah, we're doing it right here.



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  1. No worries, Lynn, just take care of those important files, just in case.