Sunday, October 21, 2012

Back With Six Sentence Sunday

Hi everyone!

I'm so sorry I missed Six Sentence Sunday last week but to be honest, I forgot to sign up. Bad me. We're in Chapter 6 of my WIP and I've promised to bring you at least two passages from each chapter. Actually, by next week, it will be a finished product and off to the editor. To catch up with the story, look at the older posts.

This week, Zex is doing her hardest not to be attracted to Kemp. Now that they are playing a married couple, she realizes that this will be harder than she imagined because she finds him yummy. 

Hope you enjoy! And you have a bonus sentence this week...there was no way I could separate it out without losing part of the whole!

It had taken almost all night to formulate the plan and for Zex not to jump when Kemp had touched her in a sensual way. Not that she wasn’t attracted to him. She’d known the moment her hand unconsciously made contact with him, she wanted to jump his bones. Starting a relationship this way wasn’t her idea of a happily-ever-after. It was going to be so tough and yet, he didn’t seem bothered by it at all. She only hoped they would be able to stay in the new place long enough to get some sleep and a decent bath. Maybe then she’d scrub him out of her mind.

See you all next week!

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