Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Winners And More!

Good Morning Hoppers!

Sorry, I am so late but remember when I said I was having internet issues...sigh...they didn’t go away. The internet has been down more than it’s been up for the last three days and all I can do is blame the snow.

Yes, that white, fluffy beautiful stuff can be the bane of my existence especially in a building going on 150 years old. The building I live in was built in 1867 and it’s seen a lot of things happen in it’s lifetime. But I digress...

You’re here to find out just who won the contest. Well...first, let me tell you that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed having you all drop by and visit me. I’m sure hoping you can do it again sometime soon. Second, because of the internet issues, I decided to give away 4 more copies of my book, A Viennese Christmas, as well as the grand prize.

Without further ado...here are the names of the winners:

Copy of A Viennese Christmas

Ruth Reynolds
Jeanette Platt

And my grand prize winner of ‘The Kiss’ goodies is...drum roll please...Paula Martin!

If you are a winner and left your email address, I will email your book here shortly.

Unfortunately, the grand prize winner didn’t but I will do everything I can to track her down. I’ll keep you posted on that!

I’ll be having more prizes and possibly participating in more blog hops down the road. Check in each week to see what’s up and what I’m giving away!

Again, it was a pleasure to have you all here. Hope to see you back real soon!


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