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My Sexy Saturday ~ The View From Santa’s Sleigh ~ @oddlynn3 #MySexySaturday

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Welcome to the first My Sexy Saturday blog hop! Hope you enjoy what we all have to offer.

Today, I’ll be starting on my elf series aptly called Santa’s Elves. I realized early in that even though the stories started with a Christmas theme, overall, they’ve gone away from there. There are eight books so far in this series with two more to be released. It’s been called the ‘sweetest erotic romance’ by one reviewer who gave it 5 stars.

Here’s my seven paragraphs from Chapter 1 of The View From Santa’s Sleigh.

The arm tightened on her again and she moved the blanket slightly so she could see who shared the bed with her. A muscular arm dotted with a sprinkling of light amber hair was the first thing she saw. Pulling a little more on the cover, she exposed a wide chest with just a smattering of even darker hair. But the blanket still covered the man’s face, and she needed to see that face to understand why she was here. She never went to bed with strange men, but somehow this man didn’t seem like a stranger to her.

Tugging ever so gently, she removed the cover from the head resting on the pillow next to her. Oh, Lord, she’d died and gone to heaven.

Stunned, she sat there and tried to put some perspective on what she saw.

The last she remembered, Jason Howell had dumped her...well, not really dumped her…she was never his girlfriend anyway. That, added to the fact she hadn’t even slept with him, made her pretty sure he only qualified as a friend. What was up with that? Never in her life had she had a boyfriend who didn’t touch her. That should have been her first clue.

But the man who lay beside her was nothing like the one in Reno. He was downright gorgeous. His amber hair, hanging in lush waves to almost his shoulders, made her want to run her fingers through it. His long limbs held just a touch of muscle and bulged in all the right places. A five o’clock shadow gave him that scruffy look she loved so much on a face with deep-set eyes and smooth lines. She tried to imagine what his eyes looked like when something caught her attention…his ears.

Oh, my God, Tessa thought, he has pointy ears. Leaning over him, she ever so lightly ran her fingertips over the cartilage protrusions. They felt soft and warm to the touch. She could really get into this. She jerked her hand back immediately when he began to stir. Waiting for a few moments, she reached out again to touch the luscious points when a hand caught her wrist.

“Do you know what that does to a man? A full grown elf-man?” the deep voice said sleepily.

I hope you liked a glimpse of my book The View From Santa’s Sleigh. It’s available from eXtasy Books.

Now that you’ve seen what I have to offer, please go check out all the wonderful authors listed below today for My Sexy Saturday. Thanks and see you all next week!


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  1. A full-grown elf with super sensitive ears! He sounds delish!