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My Sexy Saturday ~ The View From Santa's Sleigh ~ Chapter 4 ~ @oddlynn3 #MySexySaturday

Welcome to another My Sexy Saturday. We’re continuing along with Jedrick and Tessa’s story. This week we have an excerpt from Chapter 4. This is right after his mother came to visit and invite them to dinner. I don’t know about you, but I would have been a little freaked out about that...LOL! Still, these two manage to overcome incredible odds to be together. Here’s a litte more of their story. Enjoy!

            Tessa felt the tender caress across her chest and smiled as she remembered where she’d fallen asleep. “Ummm…that’s nice,” she said, groggy with sleep still clinging to her mind. Turning fully into his arms, she placed a kiss at the base of his neck. “You were gone for a while. Where were you?”
            “Can we talk about it later?”
            Pulling back, Tessa eyed him cautiously. “Bad news?”
            “No…I just like what I’m doing better.” Moving his tongue out of his mouth, he laved her neck from ear to breast. Deliberately, he massaged her through the shirt to bring her nipples to hard nubs.
            “Jedrick, that feels wonderful,” she murmured, running her hands under his shirt and up his chest. Moving closer, she tangled her fingers in his hair and let the strands slide over her hands. She loved everything about his hair; its color, the weight of it in her fingers, and how she felt when it curtained around them when he happened to be on top. This was what she was meant for…this man and his love…and she would do almost anything to get it and keep it.
            “Good…you feel wonderful too,” he murmured and rolled on his side pulling her with him. He tugged her body so that she lay along his complete length.
            Jedrick began caressing her everywhere, starting from the top of her head, he continued a slow exploration of her body. One hand slid down her taut stomach to the swell of her hip and caressed the warm flesh. Inching his hand back up her side, he rubbed and massaged along the way until he traced her collarbone. Cupping her face, he tipped back her head to touch her lips, his tongue snaking out to gently lap at its fullness. Languorously, he tugged on her lower lip, nipping and biting it until she gasped, opening her mouth to his. Silently, his tongue slipped into her mouth learning each and every nuance of what he felt there. Finally, he placed little kisses along her neck and ears, blowing on them to make her shiver with delight.

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