Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Sexy Saturday ~ The Thing About Elves ~ @oddlynn3 #MSSWeek13

Welcome to the thirteenth week of My Sexy Saturday. Yeah, lucky 13!

My Sexy Saturday is going strong and each week more readers see our weekly blog, tweet our sexy tweets and read the words, snippets and excerpts posted. Sexy can happen anywhere: a hot tub, an elevator, your wedding night or even in the middle of the woods. Sexy can be that slow smile given across the room, reminding a lover who they belong to forever. Sexy can be the first time or the hundredth all depends upon your perspective.

Everyone has their idea of sexy. A look, a touch, clothes on or off, it doesn’t matter. At My Sexy Saturday, authors will bring you their idea of sexy with seven words, seven sentences or seven paragraphs every week. And it’s all about the 7s…seven words, seven sentences or seven paragraphs.

This week we’re in book 2 of my Santa’s Elves series, The Thing About Elves. Angie, after being confronted by Ardan’s mother, realizes she has no where to go when Ardan steps in and asks her to come home with him. Here’s my sexy seven from this wonderful book. Enjoy!

Ardan allowed himself to be pushed away slightly. “Of course you’re going home with me. Where else would you go?”
“You’re right in stating that I don’t really have anywhere to go. But if you don’t really want me there, I’ll find someplace else.”
“Not want you? Good God, woman, how could a man not want you?” He frowned down at her. “I may never be able to work you out of my system.”
Not quite the romantic endearment she had hoped to hear, but one that gave her true hope at least. Angie stood on tiptoes and kissed him gently.
“Remember… you’re an elf-man… something that you continually remind me of constantly. I suppose that gives you an edge on getting me out of your system.”
“Alright, you win. Still…I want you…will you please come home with me?”
She jerked her eyes to his. His voice had sounded so vulnerable, so unlike the elf-man she had come to know. Gazing at him, she realized that his defenses had slammed down the moment he grasped his mistake. Breathing deeply, no matter what her decision, one of them might get hurt. True, she wanted him more than anything she had ever wanted in her life. She just wasn’t sure how long it would take to make him want more than just her body.

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  1. Giggles- Elf man. It's even funnier because I write about elves too.
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  2. Poor guy. He's not having an easy time of it, is he. Loved it.


  3. Hehe, you can't blame an elf-man for trying. I hope she gives in :P

  4. Love the realistic dialogue here! Great snippet! :)