Saturday, August 9, 2014

Do You Think I'm Sexy ~ @oddlynn3 #MySexySaturday #Saturday7

Welcome to week 54 at My Sexy Saturday and this week’s theme is Do You Think I’m Sexy. Well, personally I think that’s what gets a lot of books started…more on that later…Vienna has been lovely this week overall. So I can’t complain. Though it’s been warmer, the humidity has been lower and that’s a relief. Still, it was time to cut my hair and while the DH didn’t want it to happen, I am thrilled…guess now I can have a cover reveal sometime soon…LOL!

Even more happy than that, there were no thunderstorms whatsoever. So Pup Harry had no reason to even to be afraid. Matter of fact, his happy wagging self is sitting right beside me trying to tell me just how great his run was with Dad. It’s like having another child with his shining, happy face telling me the world is great!

How’s it been going in your neck of the woods? Don’t forget that every comment you make this month will be entered into my monthly contest for a $20 gift certificate. And believe me, you’ll have plenty of opportunity.

Like I said the theme this week for My Sexy Saturday is Do You Think I’m Sexy. Hmmm, I had to think about this one. I’ve have a lot of stories where the characters are definitely sexy but I didn’t think I had one where someone was actually cocky about it. Then I remembered The Harvester.

Don’t get me wrong. This is a book dripping with sexy and sexiness and it’s a ménage to boot. Then I thought about the two heroes of the story. They are part of a male revue and that in itself implies that they ask the Do You Think I’m Sexy question every night they perform. Here’s my sexy seven paragraphs from this sci-fi erotic romance. You can get it here at Amazon for just $2.99. It is the first in the series and book 2 should be out before the end of the year.

Sky stood and waited for them, admiring their appearance even more with each step they came closer. Both were in what she knew were a type of clothing called kilts. When she first saw the plaid garment, she’d mistakenly likened them to a woman’s skirt and she’d been chastised by her employer who identified with the people from a land called Scotland. Apparently, they were like a warrior clan of brave men and women. She did appreciate the ones walking toward her with their hard chests, finely chiseled abdomens, strong arms and well-muscled legs. In all her time searching the galaxy, she couldn’t recall men as handsome or attractive to her and she’d seen enough men to know the difference.
She hoped they remembered their invitation and that they would forgive her in the fact it would need to be on her terms. “Hi, boys,” she purred.
“Well, look who came to see us, Jaxon.” Zane walked completely around her and she knew he liked what he saw as her body reflected the best she or any female could be. He fingered her dark hair and completed his circuit. “Know who she reminds me of?”
Jaxon hemmed her in on the other side and it took every ounce of her mental capacity to not throw them to the ground and hog tie them. “Who?”
She could feel that voice in her crotch and she needed to gain control. “No, don’t tell me...,” she gave them both a dazzling smile, “...Zena, warrior princess.”
“Guess you’ve heard that line before.” Jaxon’s voice stirred emotions she thought never to have on any of the known worlds.
She could feel the soft touch of Jaxon’s fingers as he brushed her hair from her neck. His velvety breath fluttered over her sensitive skin and she shuddered in anticipation. Maybe this wouldn’t be as easy as she thought since the need to hog tie them was suddenly replaced with the need to fuck them. Hard and long. Closing her eyes, she knew she needed them on her ship to neutralize their effect on her. But not before she partook of the bounty placed before her while here on this world.

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Have a great weekend...see you next week!



  1. Good snippet for My Sexy Saturday :)

  2. I like a woman who knows howto control her man, err men?

  3. Love a woman who knows what she's after.


  4. Lynn, glad your weather has improved. We've had heat and humidity here in SoCal, but at least the temps have gone down a little, even if the humidity hasn't. Harry sounds like a wonderful addition to your household. It's hard to resist those canine faces, isn't it? :)

    Very sexy snippet.

  5. Ooh, you've set this one up nicely...great snippet this week :D