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A Sexy Morning ~ @oddlynn3 #MySexySaturday #Saturday7 #LynnCrain

Welcome to week 72nd week of My Sexy Saturday. The week’s theme is A Sexy Morning and it’s all about the morning after. Now those can have their own way of being comedic, serious or maybe something else. I know that my books have had their share of mornings but I wasn’t sure I really had anything that fit this theme. The one I found isn’t your typical morning after…but then I’ll leave that interpretation to you.

I’ve decided that weather is always interesting here in Austria and we’ve had yet another turn. It’s warmed up again during the day. Right now, I’m looking outside to a sunny day. I’ll be able to wear the light winter coat but tonight…well…tonight will be another issue. The temperature will really drop and I’ll be pulling out my full winter gear. I kid you not. The drop in temp will be about 10-15 degrees and it happens very quickly. So a 50 degree day, can fall to almost freezing in no time at all. Good thing is no rain and the ceiling isn’t dripping any more.

My husband returned from his extensive business trip and this is good in many ways. He now can spend time entertaining Pup Harry, leaving my time for writing or catching up on research or reading. And let me tell you, I have used my time very well. I’ve almost completed my research on a new series I’m doing and I’ll be able to have a cover reveal here in the near future. This week, I’ll also reveal the long-awaited holiday gift-sharing and where I’m going to be list. Look for it on Tuesday. And while I might not have gotten in on some of the best Christmas giveaways, I will be directing you to spots that have awesome ones. And I plan to have a little one all myself.

This week, I’m sharing sexy seven paragraphs from my book An Elf’s Desire, which is from the series Santa’s Elves. It’s been quite a while since I’ve done this book but I’ll be doing all the books in the series for the next few weeks as I’m putting the final touches on the next story. After that, there will only be two more stories left and the series will be complete. The last two stories are actually novellas that people have been requesting me to write over the years. Here’s the setup:

What can a elven sex therapist do with an oversexed, untrained elf? Bed her of course. But when Fearghus Brodie comes to the new country to meet the subject of the elven council’s mandated training, he wasn’t prepared to find young and very beautiful Aingeal Locklin. He didn’t know what he expected but she wasn’t it.

Aingeal, on the other hand, knows exactly what she wants and Fearghus is it with his scruffy good looks and emerald green eyes. There’s just one problem. He thinks she is an experience woman of the world who needs to learn to keep a lid on her sexual escapades. He’s right about one thing, she likes sex. Too bad it’s all been of a solitary nature but that’s about to change when she teases him with her virgin body and eagerness to learn.

But Fearghus has issues that only come to the surface once the deed is done and after weeks of making love. The last virgin he took ended up being his fiancée and that relationship ended bad, very bad.

Can Aingeal convince him that she’s the woman for him before it is too late?

This was great book and series to write. I love building our world with elves and relating it back to Scotland was awesome. Can’t help but state Scotland is one of my favorite places in the world. Here’s my sexy seven paragraphs. I hope you find the wonder of Santa’s Elves and Scotland just as appealing as I do!

Slowly making her way down the stairs, she stopped to look out every window and at every antique she could see. Going to see Fearghus proved to be more difficult than she had originally thought. Aingeal never felt remorse from any of her relationships. But this was different. This man had taken her virginity and she had never even warned him. Sighing heavily as the first thing she would need to do is to apologize to the man. And somehow hope he might forgive her for her deception because she knew she wanted more of what they had shared last night.
Still, it wasn’t all her fault. They had all assumed because they felt a sexual release from her she was no longer a virgin. No one, including her mother, had even asked her what her situation really was. Maybe if it had been explained to her a long time ago when the birds and the bees had been first explained, she would have been more diligent in keeping her hands off herself.
Finally, she arrived on the bottom floor and wandered in the general direction of what she assumed was a kitchen and, if truth be told, her stomach was actually growled. Pushing the door inward, she found Fearghus talking softly into a cell phone sitting at a large round table. She closed her eyes and prayed he hadn’t called her parents. Some things were meant to be a woman’s decision alone. And she had choose him. Nothing he could say would make her think her decision was wrong in any way.
Closing the phone, he turned to face her, scooting his chair around, his eyes sweeping over her, top to bottom. “First, I want you to know your secret is probably safe with me.”
“Only probably?” This was not going the way she wanted as she wanted total secrecy. “Can you explain probably?”
“Aingeal, you have to know I need to talk to the council as they were going under some false assumptions.”
Sighing, she nodded her head in agreement, pulled out a chair and plopped down next to him. “What do you think they are going to say? My intention was never to make everyone think…well…you know.”

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Have a great weekend...see you next week!



  1. I'm dying! An over-sexed elf? Love it. The therapist has met his match.

  2. Hmm, I wonder what council will say. Definitely an interesting predicament for her. Great excerpt, Lynn! :)