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Welcome to week 76th week of My Sexy Saturday. The week’s theme is You’re So Sexy and these are the ones who are so sexy they jump off the page at you. Again, they aren’t pretentious but have a matter-of-fact way about them that makes them sexy. At least that’s my interpretation of the theme this week. And it’s one of the things I love about this blog hop. Everyone gets to share their own idea of sexy.

This last week proved more challenging than most. As many of you know, my father passed away last year and I’ve had a terrible time keeping my concentration on my writing. Well, one more thing has come to pass as it looks as if we’ve finalized his estate with the sale of the property I owned jointly with him. Once that is completed, as much as it pains me to say this, I will need to move on from that loss. Grieving is different for each of us and mine has taken much longer than expected as I step completely into the role of being the matriarch of my family. This has many implications that I’m sure I’ll discuss at a later time.

As promised, I started a multi-day post on my Facebook author page where I tell you five things about myself that aren’t necessarily common knowledge. I started that yesterday and on the day after those are over, which will be next Wednesday, I will be doing a giveaway. Not sure exactly what I’m giving away but I will give at least a choice of two items. So, if you can drop by, please do so…I’d really appreciate it!

This past week Austria has been very pleasant weather wise. The temperatures kept to the thirties and forties all week. There was an occasional cold wind that made life difficult but other than that, it was nice overall. However, the number of gray days are rising and as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I understand why people get depressed during the winter months here. I can’t imagine living somewhere that the sun doesn’t shine nearly every day. My home town in Nevada had a bar that would serve beer free on any days the sun didn’t shine because they were confident that it would be shining 97% of the time. And it did. But snow is in the forecast…so I’ll keep you posted…here’s hoping that the ski resorts here get what they need to be successful this year!

My new weekly column, My Writing Life, will be starting this week on Tuesday and I’ll be talking about why spreadsheets are personally important to me. There will be other tidbits about my life as well because as we all know, it’s not all about writing. There are moments when that doesn’t even enter the picture. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy that new column.

This is the last week I’ll be sharing sexy seven paragraphs from my new Captive Illusions story, Merrick and Jenna. As previously mentioned, the series is all about a woman’s deep, dark fantasies. These characters hijacked this book and started making it their own, which delighted and surprised me all the same time. Jenna is blown away by the sexiness of Merrick, another one who doesn’t realize just the effect he has one a woman. As of today, this book is still only 28% complete and I apologize about not putting up my word count in my sidebar yet…that’s on the list for this week and the list is long…LOL! It will be published by my traditional epublisher, eXtasy Books, hopefully sometime this year. I’ll keep you posted on when. Here’s the setup:

Merrick never expected to be part of his brother, Iain’s wild sexual games.  Once it is over, he realizes he wants to find what Iain has found…his soul mate. When he meets Jenna, he’s afraid she is the one.  But she certainly isn’t what he expected. She’s a hunter or so he thinks. But how can someone so innocent belong to a group as cold as the Hunters?

Jenna cannot believe her eyes when she sees Merrick…talk, dark and brooding…and everything she’s ever wanted in a man. There’s just one problem. He’s an immortal and her family hunts immortals. But he holds the key to her deepest, darkest fantasies. And the more she’s with him, the more she realizes her father has deceived her. But is she ready to give up everything she knows for an uncertain future?

This series is very interesting to write because while they are all about finding one’s soulmate, they are also a menage series and talk about a woman’s darkest fantasies. I love writing this because it is very different from what I normally write. Hopefully, you’ll find this snippet compelling enough to pick up the first in the series, Captive Illusions: Iain and Kelsey at eXtasy Books. Enjoy this exclusive snippet from the coming soon 2nd book in the series, Merrick and Jenna.

Jenna jerked awake to find herself blindfolded and tied to what felt like a high back chair. Silently, she pulled on her arms to test the bonds. They held fast. The same silken ropes held her legs apart. She wished she could rub her head because she knew her situation and it wasn’t good. She sat buck naked, tied to a chair, somewhere in the desert with a man she hardly knew.
She didn’t know whether to cringe in fear or anticipation. All she knew was that she had been brought here against her will. Sighing to herself, Jenna realized that wasn’t quite true. From the moment she saw Merrick, she volunteered for every reconnaissance assignment she could and a few more she probably shouldn’t have. If she had been thinking straight around him, she would have known to stay away. This was the man who she should hate yet this was the man that she yearned for with a passion she couldn’t understand or fathom.
She stretched her neck and tried to block out the memories from last night. Had it only been last night when she was brought here? Jenna thought it might be but without any idea of time, she couldn’t be sure. It was amazing how one lost track of everything when a person couldn’t see. She supposed that her other senses would take over eventually.
Her mind wandered back to the last thing she did see before leaving the vicinity of the club and it hadn’t been a pretty picture. Or at least she had been told it hadn’t. The moon had been rising when they left via the tunnels hidden underneath the small desert building. When they emerged about a half a mile down the road, Merrick started to change immediately. But before he did, he told her in exacting detail what her spying had wrought upon the pack. By that time, she had been bound to him and couldn’t get away no matter how hard she tried.
At first, she was terrified that he was going to kill her. He was a huge man and a huge wolf, both strong enough to take her slight weight anywhere he wanted. Instructing her to get on his back before the change was complete, he had run for hours with her eventually coming to this hacienda. Once inside, they began a wary dance around each other until Merrick had returned to a man, naked and fully aroused in his glory. She had never seen a naked man so large in every way. For that matter, she had seen very few naked men and none compared to him. It was then he had ripped off her clothes and tied her up to this chair, leaving her to cool off for what had apparently been hours.
Jenna swallowed hard. True, she had fantasized about being kidnapped by one of the pack and held captive but this was not in her dream. In her dreams, she had had more control over the situation and here she had no control. Still, she wondered what it would be like to be made love to by an immortal. If one could call it love.
Sex, that’s all it would be, she thought to herself. Pure, unadulterated sex. She had listened to the stories the women told each other when they thought she wasn’t listening. She wanted to experience the total ecstasy like they had felt when having sex with an immortal man. If their stories were true, sex was wild and wet and oh, so hot. But then again, maybe it wasn’t because when they talked to their men or her father, their stories totally changed. No woman of the clan was allowed to enjoy sex at all especially with an immortal. Being with an immortal in any way was tantamount to a fatal sin. At least that’s what she was to understand about sex. She often wondered what the point of sex was if not to enjoy one’s mate.

This book is will be available from my traditional publisher, eXtasy Books, who is currently having a $0.99 sale on some of my books. And what’s even more wonderful is that book 1 in the series is currently one of the books on sale. There’s a big selection and if you’ve never read any of my stories, now’s the time to get them at a great discount and see if I write stories you like. Pick up your copies today!

The Thing About Elves ~ Book 2 in the Santa’s Elves series
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Iain and Kelsey ~ Story about a woman’s darkest fantasy
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An Elf’s Desire ~ Book 3 in the Santa’s Elves series
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Shopping Spree ~ Story about a very special dress shop

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Have a great weekend...see you next week with another My Sexy Saturday edition!



  1. This story definitely sounds intriguing from the set-up and the excerpt. Congrats on your upcoming release! :)

  2. Thanks, Jessica. I was hoping that the setup was something people found interesting.

    Thanks for stopping by!