Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday’s Austria Scoop ~ @oddlynn3 #LynnCrain #AWriterInVienna #MSSAuthors

Hi Everyone!

Sorry that this week's Austria Scoop is late. I don't know just why I'm late in posting this weekly but maybe it's because I think the past week will have changed in some ways since it happened. I guess I’m always looking for the best in the place.
I know I’ve said this before but I truly understand why the Allies of WWII said that European weather is practically schizophrenic in some ways. This week we went back to the rain and cold with the temperature dipping down into the thirties once again. Then there is the constant wet. All I can say is…really…again? You’d think they’d be playing a different tune by now.
For many years, I had told my husband I wanted a place with four seasons. And I do, matter-of-fact still do, but the amount of rain that happens here can rival Seattle in its worst year, I swear. The week ended with rain and it’s in the forecast for this one as well. As I sit at my desk, typing away, I see gray sky and the glistening wet rooftops out the window. It’s another reminder that I’m not in my desert.
Last week had its moments though as we decided to go to another Eastermarkt here in Vienna. This one was at the Schönbrunn Palace this time and it touted as the city’s best. Unfortunately, the set up left something to be desired. Whereas the Christkindlemarkt took up the whole inner court of the Palace, this one only took up one corner.
And that’s reasonable for most things but either the planners grossly underestimated the number of people who would attend or they didn’t care. Either way, the trail through the booths was crowded beyond all belief. My husband had it right when he stated that you could have the seating in the middle or you could have an easy thoroughfare but you couldn’t have both. They needed to make the thoroughfare wider or lose the seating. Still, it had some great items to behold and I found a glass egg that had never been seen before at the other places.
After perusing the markt, we decided to do some more walking around the grounds, which even in their current state of no greenery, are still beautiful. We went to the Gloriette again in hopes of getting a beer. Once there, we noted the number of people as even though the day was wet, it was very warm. Meaning lots of people all having the same idea of having a beer at the top so you could see an amazing view.
Instead, we took a little side trail, found a bench and drank some cool water and talked. It’s times like those I really appreciate having a guy who likes to listen to me gab. We talked for almost 30 minutes before deciding to find our way down. As we left, we promised each other we’d be back before it became too hot for long walks.
This week’s pictures come from Schönbrunn. The one at the top is from the fake ruins that are on the ground. Apparently, sometime in the 1700s it became fashionable to have Roman ruins on your estate. If you had them, it was wonderful, if you didn’t you made them yourself via the designer of the day. The second picture is of the Neptune fountain, that is still dry at this time of year, and the Gloriette in the background.
Hope you enjoyed this little look into Austria. See you all next week!


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