Monday, May 25, 2015

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Bamboo Grove at the Botanical Garden

Hi Everyone!

Today, everyone in the US should be participating in the Memorial Day celebrations across the country. In an unlikely fluke, it too is a holiday here in Austria and one we thought wasn’t going to have any good weather as it has been rainy and cloudy since last Wednesday when we started off with some thunderstorms.
Flowers at the Russian Memorial Park
Overall, it’s been a beautiful week because even though it was raining, it was warm and nice when it wasn’t. Also, things got a lot greener around here with a whole new and different set of flowers. We were pleasantly surprised with what appeared to by wild flowers in many of our local parks and I’ll be able to share some pictures of those with you here today. 

Another great thing we did was we took longer walks as the days are filled with sunlight to a much later time. Slowly, this part of the world is coming to late spring and hopefully, a more temperate summer. I don’t think I can take those hot, muggy days that give me horrible headaches. That is so not how I want to spend my last summer in Europe.
Ferns at the Botanical Garden
I’ve been writing lots and therefore, there isn’t much to say about the past week. But one of the most amazing things I did was to go through the Botanical Garden again. It’s such an amazing place that I know I can go through it a variety of times and still find something knew. So I’ll leave you with some great pictures and my monthly spiel. Here are some of the wonderful things we saw this past week and each of them are captioned appropriately.

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Hope you enjoyed this little look into Austria and beyond. See you all next week!


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