Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My So-Called Writing Life ~ @oddlynn3 #LynnCrain #amwriting #amediting

Well, it’s the last day of June and I’m still struggling to get the report I promised done as well as up. When I started rearranging the date, I found that there was a lot more good information there than I expected.

To give you an idea of what I’m going to give you on Thursday, you will be getting a list of single day promotions, multiday promotions and the list of those who rejected me or didn’t get back to me. You will also get the timeline of when things started, ended and what days I had bumps in sales. I will tell you who I advertised with on those bump days and while that day might have several places I went, I should be able to give some insight on just who gave me that bump.

And yes, there are some definite bump producing advertisers in the list. Amazingly so. Like I said, I was really surprised when I started putting the data together this past weekend. I would have had it done but this week is one of the few weeks that I even have anything to do with what my husband does for a living. This week, there’s dinners out, ambassadors’ parties to attend and so much more as he has meetings/conferences here in Vienna.

That said, most of my writing has been blogging and articles or interviews this past week. Yeah, the boring stuff. I did a few things on some stories but not a lot and in one way that makes me very, very sad. Yet, it’s not often I get to do anything with my husband regarding his career. The reasons are many: they only have a couple of meetings a year where Americans are involved and budget cuts.

See, I used to get invited to everything. Or at least for that first year. Then the budget cuts started and the people who planned the parties realized that they could do a cheaper party if no spouses were invited. So they stopped inviting us altogether. Now, it made me angry because that was one of the biggest reasons I came here with my husband. He thought we’d be entertaining a lot and that I’d need to do the social thing with him.

But au contraire, it wasn’t to be.

I did tell him tonight that I was going to take him to a writers’ shindig because then he could feel like I do. LOL! Lots of people I don’t know, all saying hi like they know me, and more food than you can ever imagine. None of which I really ate because I want to be home having my own 4th of July celebration. And it’s times that this when I dream of home more than usual. I’ll miss everything you’re enjoying, so think of me this Saturday.

I’ll be posting the marketing information Thursday. Promise. Until then…


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