Monday, September 14, 2015

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Colorful Veggies at the Naschmarkt
Hi Everyone!

While there are lots of things happening here, many of them good, I haven’t had fun this past week. Matter of fact, it was just a week ago Friday that I realized just how bad my left foot was. Whoa ~ I can see it now, you don’t know what I’m talking about so let me rewind this a little bit.

All last weekend when I was being part of history, my foot was being a real pain. I had woke with heel discomfort and thought it must be plantar fasciitis. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s the thick band of tissue called a ligament that connects your heel to your toes. The pain is normally worse the first part of the morning and lessens during the day.

At first, that was true for me but as the week went on, my foot started hurting all the time. I probably exacerbated the problem when I didn’t slow down my walking schedule at all. Another thing that I probably should have been doing was leg stretches before walking. I haven’t been because I saw no need. I’ll learn more Thursday from the podiatrist as my general doctor thinks it is something else. Lucky me.

I’ll keep you all post but realize that as I’m less and less mobile, chances are I’m on my bed or couch with my feet up. Since this computer isn’t in bed with me, things will not get done as quickly as I hope. Things like email will pile up because my phone is normally overwhelmed by the number of messages I get. It’s harder to search and definitely harder to answer things. Overall, I really don’t do much from my phone except Facebook, Skype, some Twitter and reading. And of course phone calls. 

However, this column is supposed to be about Austria not my foot but trust me, the two are related because this past week has been one of the most beautiful since we got here. The temp was moderate and the humidity low. Most days the sky has been a wonderful blue and when it hasn’t, the clouds haven’t been threatening. We’ve had some sprinkles but it wasn’t until today that we actually got some showers.

Still all in all, the week has been fabulous. And there are many things to see but alas, I couldn’t get around to doing some of these things. Like going to the Bruskers Festival. That’s where all the street entertainers get together in one place and do their thing. It was in Ressellpark this year and since it’s our last year here, I wanted to see it but when it took me hours to walk without pain, it wasn’t in the agenda.

One of the many Naschmarket Flower Shops
We did manage to walk through it though as we came back from the Naschmarkt where I had to get my apples and fresh spinach. That’s another thing I’ll miss and I definitely want to go someplace where we’ll access to a Farmer’s Market. The pictures this week are from another visit to the Naschmarkt but little changes there. There are flower stalls, produce stalls, clothes stalls and restaurants.

A Clothing Table at the Naschmarkt
Frankly, since the day was beautiful, I was happy to be out and about even with a hurt foot. Never mind that it took me twice as long to get to places. I was out in the beautiful weather in a place I’ve been privileged enough to call home for a short while as our time is coming to a close here. More on that next week.

Hope you enjoyed this little look into Austria and beyond. See you all next week!


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