Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday's Austria Scoop ~ @oddlynn3 #LynnCrain #AWriterInVienna

Hi Everyone!

Sorry I’m late this week. So many personal things happening that I really forgot all about posting something about Vienna. Better late than never, like the cliché says.

November 2015 Autumn Leaves
This week has turned cold and more like the fall I’m used to here. On thing that struck me funny this past week is the lack of Halloween. Though we did see some folks in costumes on the night itself and there were plenty of costumes in various shops around the city, by and large, Halloween is not a celebrated day. Now, I would say it’s mainly because All Saints Day is November 1st and religious holidays do seem to take precedence here.

But I had to chuckle this week as I noted some lamenting on Facebook about people and stores already having Christmas decorations up. Heaven forbid…it was before Thanksgiving! Well, of course, I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut and had to chime in my 2 cents…wait for it…how would you like to live in a country that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving? Or any kind that we can figure out.

Nope, this place has no Thanksgiving and frankly, that’s very depressing when you think about it. I’m so used to having a houseful of people around me that these past four years have been a virtual emotional desert for me. We were lucky in the first year that we had some friends who were here and we invited them to join us. The second year, we invited a whole bunch and had a table full. The third year was pretty bare and last year, I spent it with a group of my husband’s co-workers because he was in Jordan for six weeks. This year, we’re hoping to have a tableful again as this will be our last one and we really want to get people together to say how thankful we are for them being in our lives.

Now that’s on the personal part but as far as Vienna goes, there is nothing between
Setting Up Christkindlemarkt 2014
Halloween and Christmas…so why not start putting the holiday stuff up? We noticed on our walks the last couple of nights that they have started setting up for the Christkindlemarkt that will be held in Karlsplatz as usual. It will open in about two weeks. They are probably putting up the lights on Kartnerstrasse and the Graben this week as well. When we were shopping at IKEA this weekend, we picked up some really neat hanging snowflakes with lighting.

Yeah, we’re buying into this early Christmas thing because it’s all a matter of perspective. I mean, when I’m in the States, I actually hate that the stores are trying to make the holiday happen before Thanksgiving. I like the one-holiday-at-a-time mentality. However, when it doesn’t apply, you need to go with the flow and that flow states that in less than two weeks I will be inundated with all sorts of Christmas things from presents to decorations.

Kartnerstrasse Lights 2011
What’s your perspective on this? Do you love or hate the fact that US retailers push the envelope out a little further each year? How would you deal with something like what I have to do in Vienna? Would you go with the flow or be resentful?

I look forward to hearing from you as you’ll be in the running for a $25 Amazon gift certificate. BUT you’ve got to comment to be in the running. It hasn’t been awarded in a long time because people will come and look but not give their opinion. I’d love to see your opinion.

The pictures are labeled as some of them have come from previous years. Hope you enjoyed this little look into Austria and beyond. See you all next week!


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