Monday, July 4, 2016

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Hi Everyone!

Alas, the Austria Scoop is no more as I am here back in the States. What I do propose is to tell you about things I’ve seen in Austria or happenings around where I live. Sure, many of you don’t want to know about where I live most of the time but now that I’ll be in two places, maybe there will be things you’ll love to hear about.

But if you’ve been following me, you know we’ve decided to keep our Nevada house, at least for now, and it’s only 30 miles from lost wages – errr – Las Vegas. The other place we’ll be living is Los Alamos, New Mexico, which happens to be only an hour and less than an hour from two of my favorite places in the world – Taos and Santa Fe – both have been places on my ‘to live at’ list forever. Matter of fact, when I first got married, I begged my husband to get a job in Los Alamos and for years he tried. We both think it ironic that he gets to work there at the end of his career though that’s at least another ten years.

Anyway, we’re fixing up the Nevada house with a new roof, possibly new windows and just a general overhaul because it needs it. And the New Mexico house will be renovated in certain areas because it was a duplex at the start of its life. It’s gone back and forth between a single family home and a duplex for a while now. It has a half acre and we have plans for the backyard as well.

When we were looking at homes, we decided from the start we wanted to live on top of the mesa instead of the other places we could have. Don’t get me wrong, we looked at the other places but nothing appeals more the me than a home in the mountains and at 7300 feet, this one qualifies. The first house we chose was one that was a duplex converted to a single family home with a yoga studio and two kitchens. The DH was in a quandary as to what we’d do with another kitchen when I told him that we could build a master retreat and use the plumbing for an awesome bathroom.

Once he was on board, we were happily making plans when we got in a bidding war. Unfortunately, we lost that house but the next one we bid on was two houses down with more done, like the windows, the electric, new roof and furnace upgrades plus it was cheaper. We do have to put in a drive and a garage but we figure those things balance out because the cost would have been about the same overall. We also have to get new siding but we have a plan and we can’t wait to do this.

We’ve talked for years about doing a renovation but the DH has been afraid because of horror stories. I reminded him that we always ‘negotiate’ things, so why not with this as well. Again, he’s on board and I can’t wait to have a fantastic summer home. The heat in Nevada is killing me and I’d decided within the first couple weeks that I couldn’t make this my home during the hot months. Hence the two places. Here’s a couple of pictures of the places appropriately marked.

Front of New Mexico House

Front of Nevada House

And who would I be if I didn’t wish everyone in the US a Happy 4th of July! Keep it fun…keep it cool…and keep it safe. Hope you enjoyed this little look into what’s been happening with me on the new Monday Scoop. See you all next week!


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