Saturday, September 17, 2016

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 Welcome to Week 159 at My Sexy Saturday and  as opposed to last week, this has been an incredibly crazy week. We’ve had doctor appointments, bug guys and contractors come to do bids on fencing. We’ve decided that we need a lawn tractor and the list goes on and on. I’ve also been writing like crazy and that isn’t going to stop soon as I have a couple irons in the fire for the holidays. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to post anything else but My Sexy Saturday last week.  Promise to do better this one.

This week the theme is My Sexy Magic. Since magic is one of most favorite things in the world, I’ve decide to go back to a story that I consider to be the first in my Magical Intentions series. However, that series will be set in present day and the story I’m highlighting today, The Taking of An Apprentice, is actually from a time before recorded history. Or at least that’s how I look at it. To be honest, I can’t wait to write in this world again and I’ll keep you posted on when I do.

This book is the actually part of the Tarot Card series at eXtasy Books. It was fun to write and the outlining for the next book, called Magic Not Lost. Here’s the setup for the story The Taking of An Apprentice:

In a time where magic is shunned, Oma and Cayden must defend the world from an ancient evil that tries to destroy all.

Oma Weir is a hermit by her own making. After her husband died, she was determined to need no one and nothing. However, fate has set a different path for the woman, and when Cayden Quirie shows up at her door, she knows the path she has dreamt is before her. Unfortunately, that path will lead to death and destruction, something every magic wielder tries to avoid.

I love Oma and Cayden. They have a love that transcends everything and are truly magical creatures. The very fact that they survived their ordeal should tell us something. And what an ordeal it was. I love the fact that they have sidekicks, which are little dragons called fierys and the fact that they live in a magical glade hidden from our harsh realities. Here’s my seven paragraphs from this wonderful story:

Cayden wrapped his arms around her, book in front. “I think we are meant to share this together. See, holding on to the book and you at the same time makes me want to bed you in the worst way.” His hand moved to cover her breast as his lips caressed her neck.
Her crotch sizzled with unused power and need. If she did not find a way to bleed some off soon, she would want to go deep into the forest and cast spells, thus taking the chance of others seeing. Maybe this was just the outlet she required for her skills. “And if I say yes?” she asked breathlessly.
“If you say yes, you will have a night of pleasure like no other.” His other hand fell away from the book and reached down to caress her quim in deep strokes through her heavy skirt.
She wanted to let her eyes roll back into her head as the feeling was so intense. It had been years since she had felt the touch of a man and she wanted more. “Yes—yes—this is what I want.” Her voice came out low and sexy as she rotated her hips more into his hand.
“Then I suggest we get on with it…where is your bed?” His strength belied his seemingly small stature as he swept her up into his arms. “I am usually more filled out than I am now. Prison can do that to a man.”
“Prison?” Confusion spread across her face.
He gazed at her, his eyes taking in every aspect of her face. “It was part of my journey here and a long story. We will leave it for another time.”

eXtasy Books, my traditional epublisher, is having a sale on the first book in this series. They’re having a few more on sale as well, so if you look me up once you get there, it will list all my books as well as the ones that are on sale, many at just $0.99.

Don’t forget to check out the other My Sexy Saturday authors. They are all sharing great snippets from their books and they are hot, sexy plus well-worth the read.

Have a great weekend...see you next week!



  1. I love how one line ("Prison?" Confusion spread across her face.) can throw a whole new light over everything.

    1. Yes, it can...LOL! Thanks for dropping by Liv.

  2. So many unanswered questions! Love it!

    1. And hopefully, they are answered by their conversation. LOL! Thanks for stopping by Angelica!

  3. Uh - there maybe a momentary interruption as they discuss Prison. Tweeted

    1. Maybe just a few interruptions. Let's hope they are very sexy. LOL! Thanks for stopping by Daryl.