Saturday, November 12, 2016

Sexy in the Sky ~ @oddlynn3 #LynnCrain #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #MSS166

Welcome to Week 166 at My Sexy Saturday and thanks for being here with me. For many of us, this has been a horrible week. Let’s just say, it’s going to take many of us lots of time to heal. It’s also going to take due diligence to make it right for every American. Enough said.

This week the theme is Sexy in the Sky and what is more sexy than traveling in space with two hunky, exotic male dancers. It has always been one of my dreams, traveling in space. Now, I’m too old to do it and so I have to live through my characters. Today’s story is one I’ve showcased here before, The Harvester. It is a fun, sexy, space opera type romp that was fun to write. Someday, I promise to write the sequel. Don’t forget to get your copy today! Here’s the setup:

Princess Sky Xera Nerezsh came to earth to avoid the normal succession to the throne. Being the oldest daughter, she will be required to murder her mother in order to secure her path to power. Sky loves her mother and refuses this way, choosing instead to disappear in the vast reaches of space. When her past collides with her present, she has to think quick on her feet, claim two men and a whole planet just to avoid the inevitable: a meeting with her mother. Along the way, she discovers true love and a burning need to be there for them always. Now if the other Harvesters can just keep to themselves, they’ll have no problems. But who said true love was ever easy.

I loved writing Jax, Zane and Sky. They were some of my most intriguing characters. Imagine yourself suddenly in place you so didn’t expect. Then to find some erotic partners, who only want to jump your bones…well…you get the idea. What can be more sexy than that? Here’s my seven paragraphs from this wonderful story:

She open the door and peeked inside. The men were still up against the bulkhead but curled around each other apparently for warmth. Sky went to stand over them, taking in just how they looked after a forced sleep. Some men were absolutely horrible after being shoved into a cell then woken up somewhere along the way. Not these two. Jaxon and Zane were as handsome now as they were the moment she first saw them.
Hunkering down, she allowed a hand to wander over Jax’s hair. She wanted to pushed her fingers through to the back of his head and pull his full lips to her own. She turned to Zane and ran her hand over his hard biceps. Her breath hitched a moment and she wondered again just why these two affected her so much. More than that, she knew she wanted more than just sex as something knotted her deep inside where these two were concerned.
She licked her lips in anticipation of what might happen, of what she wanted to happen. They had been in their dressing room when she took them, so both had light robes on over their kilts. She pushed the fabric out of the way and ran her fingers down Jax’s firm abdomen. He had a very light smattering of hair, not quite noticeable whereas Zane was hairless but his body was just as muscular.
Boldness took hold of Sky and she wanted to touch them more, to fondle their packages just as if she had been a real Harvester again. Part of the job was to insure everything was in proper order. Sliding her hand down Jax’s front, she moved her hand under his kilt and a moan of pleasure rewarded her. She moved closer and felt the weight of his penis in her hand. It would be more than adequate in size once fully excited.
The man turned over and arched his cock toward her just a little. Sky moved her thumb across the tip and felt the organ jump a little. Wait a minute...she had barely enough time to get the words out in her mind when she found herself flat on her back as violet eyes moved over her.
“I want to know just what the hell game you’re playing.”

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Have a great weekend...see you next week!



  1. Sounds like Sky has her hands full! Nice work!

    1. She does and is loving every minute of it. Thanks for stopping by, Liv! Appreciate it.

  2. I adore menage and this seems headed exactly where I want. :D Great tease.

    1. Hi Angela!

      Yes, this is a very, very sexy menage. Hopefully, you'll love it! Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Sheri! I sure hope so...thanks for dropping by!

  4. Sounds interesting. I do love a sci-fi romance :)

    1. This is a very sci-fi but very sexy romance. And I'm like you, I do love a great romance! Thanks for stopping by, Shelli...appreciate it!