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New Blog Look, New Books - #LynnCrain #Back2Writing #Escape2Africa #BloodfeatherMysteries

I know I haven’t been here since Christmas, but it was for a really good reason. In January 2017, my husband of 31 years was diagnosed with colon cancer. Unfortunately for my writing, the priorities thing kicked in, as it should, and getting him well took precedence over everything.

Now, that didn’t mean I didn’t write. It just wasn’t on the massive scale I was used too. I went from writing about 5000 words a day to maybe 1000 every other day. I wrote when I got small snatches of time and I planned. Planning things is easier for me than actually writing it and when things settled down with my husband, I wanted to hit the floor running.

Well as of this week, he is officially done with his chemo treatments and for all intents and purposes is 100% cured. However, they won’t say that until at least five years have passed. Until then he’ll have tests every six months for the first year then yearly afterwards. What it means for me is that I can go back to writing and all the other things I do in reference to my writing. This is a happy day.

Some of the things I did do while he was ill was to get my website revamped. The new look has also translated to this blog, to my Facebook Author Page and my Twitter account. I love the new look because it says it all about me. I write all sorts of romance and want the world to know that. Don’t you just love the colors?

Also during that time, I was fortunate enough to get a couple of stories done. Here’s the scoop on both of them.

Anthology Blurb:
Take a trip to fascinating, breathtaking, beautiful Africa, without ever leaving your home! These stories will send you on a journey filled with danger, love, and excitement. Travel from Casablanca to Morocco, across the plains of the Serengeti, to the ruins of Carthage, from the desert of Algeria, to the shores of Tripoli. Six international romance authors share spellbinding love stories told across time.

This collection includes romantic suspense, and contemporary, historical, time travel, and paranormal romances by Award-Winning and Multi-Published Authors: Denyse Bridger, Lynn Crain, Alicia Dean, Gemma Juliana, Marie Laval, and Jenny Twist.

Story Blurb:
A Pirate’s Lady – Time Travel Romance - Lynn Crain
Someone is trying to change time and it’s up to Amanda Hoskip to figure out the hows and the whys. When she is sent back to 1794 Tripoli, she knows it will be hard to blend in during a time where women are chattels. When her universal translator fails, she’s captured and when the imprisoned Americans can’t identify her, is immediately sent to Bashaw Yusuf in the pirate port of Tripoli.
Trevor Haines loves his job but this will be the furthest he’s ever had to go back in time. Yet, his mission should be easy – find one girl and whisk her away for debriefing as it’s obvious she’s failed her mission. Once there, the now harem girl Mandi digs in her heels and refuses to return until they discover what is happening. He has no choice but to act as if he’s her pirate husband and wants her back. First, he needs to convince the Bashaw that she ran away and that he really wants her back.
Together, they’ll need to keep their wits about them during a treacherous time in history and return safely with their future intact.

Madison Bergman goes to the only home she’s known to recover from the death of her beloved uncle, Jonas Blackhorse. It is her hope that she be allowed to keep their summer cabin but since she doesn’t have a drop of Native American blood it’s doubtful. She just never thought she’d see the love of her life once again.

Lucas Bloodfeather has waited fifteen long years for Maddie to return to him. The tragic death of her uncle, and his mentor, sends her home after a long investigation into the mission, which exonerated her beyond any doubt. He has little time to prove to her they belong with each other.

Together they must forge the bond they had in youth and discover, home truly is where the heart resides.

She pulled back, flushing with indignation as she gave him an icy stare. “I don’t think—”
“That’s just it…do not think…feel.”
His tongue moved to her earlobe, as his mouth blew first, then his teeth nibbled a little before moving toward her mouth. The kiss felt like coming home, where suddenly the world righted itself and her body parts acclimated to familiar territory. Letting out a groan, she moved to straddle him.
“You’re vulgar…” she stated as she regarded him. He too had been part of the native world her uncle lived in…how could she have just walked away?
Hot and raw, carnal energy passed between them. She had known better than to get within two feet of him, as they had never been able to keep their hands off each other. Why did she think she could resist now after fifteen years? She placed her hands on his chest and breathed deeply.
“I told you to quit thinking.” His calm voice reassured her in ways nothing else could.
He pulled her to him as his mouth took possession of hers, lips brushing back and forth over her own. His mouth opened, asking for permission to take more and she readily gave it to him. Madison was eager for the taste of him, the feel of his tongue stroking hers, craving his body’s strength. She didn’t have to wait long as his tongue dipped inside and seduced her with hot, profound glides.
Wanting more, her fingers worked at the buttons of his shirt, never moving away from the kiss. His smooth chest was warm, palpable against her hands, something real that she could hold onto. He was no longer the young man she remembered, but now someone who knew exactly what he wanted and what he was doing.
He pulled away from her, tracing the curve of her lips before dipping back in to steal another kiss. Finally, he tipped her head back and cradled it in his large palm, gazing into her eyes as if looking for something.
She breathed in deeply, aware of him in every pore of her body—his closeness, the outdoorsy scent that was special only to him, the heat of their skin-to-skin contact. This coming together would be like no other.
“I just have one question.” His breath was ragged as she felt the bulge in his pants just below her crotch.
“And…” she whispered, breathless.
“We could make love here…” He stopped before continuing, as if gauging her response. “We can make love in a bed…or there’s even my squad car out front.”

Last but not least, in celebration of everything I’m doing a Rafflecopter with a wonderful group of ladies. You can win some great prizes and find some fabulous authors.

I hope you like the new look, will check out the new stories and come back again. I promise not to neglect this place for so long. Yeah, I’ll be doing at least a blog a week now that life has returned to normal.

Thanks for dropping by and see you soon!


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