Friday, April 6, 2018

Mystic Realms Author - C.I. Black - #MysticRealms #CIBlack #SeductionsScent

Logline: Giving in to temptation threatens everything.

Blurb: For half-human half-fae bounty hunter Riley, the job to recover the Seal of Morrowen stolen from the king of the golden fae’s vault isn’t just any job. It’s the job. Failure means lifetime imprisonment in the king’s darkest dungeons. Success means her freedom from permanent servitude. And while she hadn’t expected the job to be easy, she didn’t expect competition, certainly not in the form of the dangerous and sexy shadow fae bounty hunter, Couper. Their attraction is electric, but even if that isn’t a trick, she can’t afford to succumb to her desires, not with her freedom on the line.

Available for pre-order NOW! Release date: April 10, 2018

What was the one thing you like most about this story?

I like this story because it has all the things I love in a paranormal romance: a kick-ass heroine, an alpha male, and fast-paced action.

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