Saturday, October 19, 2013

Loving the Scotsman ~ Red Light Sexy ~ #MySexySaturday #Saturday7 #LynnCrain

It’s week 21 at My Sexy Saturday and welcome.

Good morning from beautiful Henderson, Nevada where I’m attending the Hot Mojave Knights conference. This town is part of the urban sprawl of Las Vegas, Nevada or as many of you know it…Sin City. What a wonderful place to be for My Sexy Saturday!

My Sexy Saturday is a weekly blog hop where authors share sexy snippets of their books with 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs. Each week we aim to entertain readers through our snippets and excerpts posted. This is for our readers as we value and appreciate each one of you.

This is my third week of sharing a snippet from my finished book called Loving the Scotsman. It is currently on the desk of an agent. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.  This is a story told in 1st person POV from both the heroine and hero. The approach is unique and I hope you like it. The lovers are being drawn together after a 15 year hiatus. We’re still in the first chapter of the story. Here’s my sexy 7 sentences for the week. Enjoy!

“Old habits,” she whispered and yawned. “Thank you…very…”
Her voice trailed off and I knew my chances were reduced to zero for the night. I observed the even rise and fall of her chest, one hand poised on her breast, the other in my hair. I stood and stared at her for a moment before I picked her up and retreated to the nearest chair in the room. As I sat, I pulled her close and leaned in to take in the scent of her hair as she snuggled against me with a soft murmur. Closing my eyes, I did something I vowed I would never do for this woman again.
A knot formed in my throat and I thumbed angrily at the dampness in my eyes as I swore silently, squaring my shoulders. 

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  1. Hope you're having fun! And *fingers crossed* for this story. Love this excerpt! :)

  2. Love the excerpt. I got a lump in my throat too. I hope you're having fun :)

  3. Not usually a huge fan of first person but I say you've got it licked. Great little tidbit.