Saturday, December 14, 2013

Loving the Scotsman ~ @oddlynn3 #MySexySaturday #MSSWeek29 #Saturday7 #LynnCrain

It’s week 29 at My Sexy Saturday and welcome the sexiest Saturdays ever. It’s getting toward the end of the year and the Christmas season is upon us. The weather has gone from cold to colder here in Vienna, Austria but the adventmarkts and the Kriskindlemarkts are in full swing. This is my favorite time of year in the city. I know that some have had very bad weather in the States and here’s hoping it gets better. As for the rest of the international community, I hope where you live is doing wonderful.

My Sexy Saturday is a weekly blog hop where authors share sexy snippets of their books with 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs. Each week we entertain you through our snippets that we post. This is for you, our readers, as we value and appreciate each one of you.

We’re in Chapter 4 of Loving the Scotsman and I hope you love what I’m sharing today. Our couple has left the city and are having their first romantic dinner in fifteen years. This is a time of discovery for both of them. I loved writing this story and am surprised by the feelings it still invokes in me. Again, this is a story told in 1st person POV from both the heroine and hero as all the books in the series will be. It’s a unique approach, and I love writing it! Here’s a little more about Loving the Scotsman: the lovers are being drawn together after 15 years apart and a pair of sexy underwear was the catalyst. I’m currently writing the second book of The MacKenzie Clan. This passage is from the heroines POV. Here are my sexy 7 sentences for the week. Enjoy!

I leaned back in the plush luxury car and wondered just where my lover had gained access to such money. Sure, I knew that his family was rich, but this went beyond the pale in my opinion. A sleek, dark powerful machine to match the man who now sat beside me. And what a man. He turned out better than I had hoped as a young woman. Too bad I had placed him totally beyond my reach with my actions then and only hoped my actions now wouldn’t expose my secrets.
I looked out over the cityscape and wondered where on earth we could be going.

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  1. A beautiful Scotsman makes me swoon..

  2. A woman with a secret? Oh that's enough to hook anyone.