Saturday, June 28, 2014

Our Sexy Delight ~ @oddlynn3 #Saturday7 #MSS48 #LynnCrain

Welcome to week 48 at My Sexy Saturday and this week has been interesting in Austria. The DH was gone on travel to the deserts of Jordan and the weather actually cooled here. Not that I’m complaining but the thunderstorms did cause Pup Harry to hide under the bed.

My sci-fi romance, More Than Robotics, opened the world of Captain Bekka Taylor for many of you. She’s on the run in her own ship with sexy junior office, Lieutenant Javed Malik, from the clonedroids trying to take over her ship. They have many hot and heavy moments but I’m only going to share just a few. This is the second book in my Orchid Series about a group of people trying to make sure robots don’t take over the universe. More Than Robotics mixes sci-fi with lots of battles and awesome technology and some pretty hot sex. Get your copy today!

Don’t know what clonedroids are? In the first book, Fluke, you discover that a clonedroid is a perfect melding of human and robotic technology. Yeah, that’s a concept I came up with positively years ago and I plan to use it over and over.

Here’s this week’s sexy seven.

I considered his strength as he pushed me away from him, yet understood the gentleness I felt within his touch. With his cybernetic implants, I knew he could seriously hurt me. He moved me outside the huge shower stall and lifted me up to sit on the edge of the vanity. As I gazed into his eyes, I saw his darken even more with passion as his dick probed my slick folds.
This time is going to be hard and quick. Sorry, but it’s been a long, long time for me as well.
I grunted as he slammed into me and I was more complete than I had ever been as he stretched me to accommodate his rather large penis. Before long, we were bathed in sweat as we moved together. Javed pulled me to him again and again as the pleasure ran through my body like a precision laser, intense and hot white, as I panted with effort.
I caressed his nipples, pinching one then the other as his head fell back in pleasure. Wrapping his arms even more tight around me, he began to stroke me in long, hard, deliberate moves. The feelings sizzled between us and made me arch even closer to him.
“I want you to come while I’m inside you,” he whispered into my ear, the sound all harsh and needy.
“I’ve never done that before…” I gasped as he thrust into me yet again.
“You will now,” he said close to my ear, the raspy whisper making me shiver in delight. He moved my body toward a total fulfillment I had always dreamed about. I tried my hardest to hold onto emotions that welled up deep inside me, releasing things I thought long buried.

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Have a great weekend...see you next week!



  1. Where was that shower again? I need to use it. LOL.

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