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Our Sexy Romance ~ @oddlynn3 #MySexySaturday #Saturday7 #MSSAuthor #LynnCrain

Welcome to week 60th week of My Sexy Saturday. As usual, this week is all about a couple who are very romantic. All my couples have romance flowing through them. They love to lavish things upon their significant other especially when they are wooing them. This week I’ll be sharing a bit about a story called Private Dancer. It was originally in an anthology and now is getting prepared for single release. I can’t give you the date just yet as I’m slower than molasses but it will be soon.  

Things have been going pretty great here in Austria. The weather has finally gone to a wonderful fall except I’m still not seeing my fall colors like previous year. Pup Harry is recovering of only having me in the house. He loves jogging and now that the DH is home, he gets to do so every morning. Makes one very happy dog. How’s life going in your part of the world?

Like I’d said previously, today’s story is an upcoming story called Private Dancer. It was previously published in the anthology called Violet Visions. It is a sci-fi erotic romance and I had a great time writing it. Here’s the setup for Private Dancer.  

Aeryn Connor, an exotic dancer, is stuck on the moon Janus 345 miles above her intended target of Araelus Prime.  She would have never chosen this hell-hole as her home but she had no choice as the blue-green, earth-like planet below continued to call her, filling her with a yearning she’s never felt before.  And her best friend, Diana, is being called as well. But something is terribly wrong as both of them become ill from an unseen source. Aeryn knows that they will die if they can’t make it to the planet in time. Can Aeryn successfully face the challenges before her so both she and Diana make it to the planet alive? Or will her efforts be in vain?

The story is Private Dancer and will be coming out soon. Like I said, it’s all on me and believe me, I’m poking myself to get it done and up. I have lots more books at eXtasy Books and you can see them all here. Enjoy today’s seven. Happy reading!

I looked up into his eyes. And they were a beautiful shade of purple as was his skin. His hair was jet black with a slight purple cast and hung in dreadlocks down his shoulders. For some reason, it looked a hell of a lot better on him than anyone else I had ever seen. His face was a work of art, all chiseled in the right places with wonderful lips. I already knew that his body was muscular and he towered over me a good six inches.
I stopped and waited for him to make the next move.
“My name is Kadell el-Duquat and I take you Aeryn Connor as my mate. Do you accept the rite of umkata according to Araelian law?”
“Can you explain it to me?” I whispered.
“Umkata is the ancient rite of taking one’s mate. Certain needs must be fulfilled and met before we are joined together forever.”
There was that word again. “What do you mean needs?”
He looked down at me. “You will have to trust me on this. I can tell you that I would never willingly hurt you. Everything done in umkata is done by mutual consent.”

And if you like that one, here’s a complete list of my books that are offered right now at eXtasy Books for just $0.99. There’s three books in the Santa’s Elves series plus various single titles. Pick up your copies today!

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Have a great weekend...see you next week!


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