Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My So-Called Writing Life ~ @oddlynn3 #amwriting #LynnCrain #PCers

            Well, here I am. I finally made it. Most of you are wondering just why this is a big deal and generally it wouldn’t be. But I have been promising you all that I would start this column for a long, long time. I guess some people think that being a writer is some sort of fantasy life. Hmmm…interesting concept.
            In a way, it sort of is, I’ll give you that much. After all, writers do something different every day. Matter of fact, last week I was writing a character journal. What’s a character journal? Fair question and one that needs some attention obviously. Years ago, in some writers class that I took, the instructor mentioned that if you wanted to know your character better you needed to write their journal.
            I had never tried this technique but for this particular heroine I needed to do this. I needed to watch the girl group up and come into her own by the time the novel I was writing about her started. And I really didn’t know a thing about her. Now that wasn’t quite true. I knew a lot about her, I just didn’t know the details and I wanted to know them. After all, a writer needs to know their characters inside and out.
            So I spent many nights, looking for references, finding tidbits and doing the type of research that would help the project overall. However, it didn’t help with the task at hand. And hence one of the fallacies of a writing life. Writers are focused beings. We have to be to get from point a to point b all on our own and within a reasonable timeframe. But what was I doing? Anything but the writing needed to get this journal complete so I’d know my latest character. And this is a disaster in many ways.
            My husband and many of my friends are right. If I stayed as focused on the actual writing as I did the research, I’d get twice as much done. Don’t get me wrong, I write anywhere from 1000 to 5000 words a day minimum but I’d love to be doing twice that much. See I get bored easy and it’s the reason I have about five projects going at one time. Each of them is at a different part and to be honest, you have to pity the stories where I see the ending too soon as they may never get completed.
            Yes, I have an idea file full of half-finished wonderful stories that may never see the light of day because I got bored. See…writers get bored…we have many of the foibles that we write about. Though maybe not in as much abundance as our characters but enough that you know we are real, live people with lives to live and places to go.
            Until next week…


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