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Welcome to week 84th week of My Sexy Saturday. The week’s theme is Our Sexy Tomorrow and it was left to our discretion as to our interpretation. For me, I’m using the heroine who just doesn’t know how special she is.  Austria is gray and that’s all I can say today…Monday’s the day where I give a personal update…and this week I have a lot to say. Also, Tuesday’s is My So-Called Writing Life where you’ll get the inside scoop of what it means to be a writer. And it’s not what you think.

Again, this week’s theme is Sexy Me Up and one example they used is the one about Pygmalion. Now, my girl doesn’t need a make-over but she doesn’t believe she’s special in any way. However, the hero may have something to say about that. This story is from my backlist. It had been published previously in an anthology where one author wanted out. That means we all got our rights back. I decided to revise it and self-publish. I hope you enjoy A Lover for Rachel and here’s the setup:

Rachel Hamilton comes to Stonehenge to celebrate her birthday on Summer Solstice, only to find herself trapped beneath the massive rhyolite bluestones with sexy wizard, Dewin Kingston, who convinces her that she is the key to their escape.

This is a short novella and I loved writing it because I have been to Stonehenge and wondered what would happen if I was there the summer solstice or June 21, which also happens to be my birthday. I hope you enjoy Rachel’s story with my snippet this week of seven sexy paragraphs!

She flopped down on the couch next to him. “Please tell me the whole story of how you came to be here, how I ended up here, and maybe we can find a way to get us both out.”
He smiled and lit up the whole room. “That is the spirit. I most definitely want to get out of here.”
“You do realize that the world isn’t what you remember it to be, don’t you? That is, if what you are saying is true.” She placed her hand on his forearm and appreciated the strength it held. Just touching him brought an awareness of her body that she’d missed. She closed her eyes and breathed in deeply, taking in his warm, woodsy scent. Her baser needs were going to take over in this small but comfortable room. Before she could allow herself to feel anything, she needed to get her mind around the facts that currently brought and held her here.
“I have told you my name is Dewin. It means wizard.” His gaze held an honesty she couldn’t deny.
“You’re a wizard?” she questioned lightly. If there is a fairy, there can certainly be a wizard.
He gazed into her eyes then and ran a gentle finger along her jaw. “You are beautiful.”
Rachel leaned into his hand, her body’s wants and needs taking over. “No, I’m not, but it’s nice to hear you say it. Still…I have to hear your story first. Please continue.”

Again, this was self-published from my back list and you can find it here at the astounding price of only $0.99. Also, my traditional ePublisher, eXtasy Books, has a lot of my books on sale at their website. If you’ve never read any of my stories, now’s the time to get them at a great discount and see if I write stories you might like. Pick up your copies today!

The Thing About Elves ~ Book 2 in the Santa’s Elves series
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Iain and Kelsey ~ Story about a woman’s darkest fantasy
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An Elf’s Desire ~ Book 3 in the Santa’s Elves series
A Love for Eggther ~ Book 3.5 in the Santa’s Elves series
Shopping Spree ~ Story about a very special dress shop

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Have a great weekend...see you next week with another My Sexy Saturday edition!

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