Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday's Austria Scoop ~ #AWriterInVienna #LynnCrain #BYNR #MSSAuthors

Hi Everyone!

WooHoo! Today I’m relatively on time. At least the column's up before 6 am PST and this is a very, very good thing. This past week has been pretty great with a lot of spring weather. In Austria, that means a lot of clouds, a lot of humidity and a lot of rain. And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
Trees in Stadtpark
Unfortunately, with the overall good weather, came the winds and the flowers got pummeled. Many petals have been floating around and it makes for a very unkempt look to the many parks with huge flower displays. I’m a little saddened by all the tulip petals around on the ground as you normally don’t see those. When you do, you know the winds were strong.
Because the weather had been so great, I pushed my dear husband to take some time off to recoup from all the company travel he’d been doing recently. It took a bit of talking to get him to do something like this. Normally, the only time he takes vacation days is when someone else is here so he can show them around Austria. We’ve taken a lot of trips that way but normally, when it’s just the two of us, we both work. Me writing and him going to the UN City daily to work his job.
Of course, the weather has not cooperated since. It’s been cold and rainy here since late last Thursday. Though I can honestly say that it hasn’t been in the downpour mode and I’m thankful. It reminds me a lot of the first spring we were here and there was severe flooding throughout the regions of the Danube. This year, not much snow, not much run-off and most of the rain has been light. In Scotland, it’s called a wee mist even when it’s a downpour.
So, there’s not been a lot of traveling with this vacation but more of a ‘let’s read’ or ‘let’s nap’ or ‘let’s walk Pup Harry’ mode for the past few days. Again, this isn’t a bad thing. It takes time when one travels internationally to different sides of the world for that person to get back into their time zone. And my husband needs that even though he doesn’t think so.

Rain at Lower Belvedere
For me, the week is going to be filled with writing and plotting and doing more on the many classes I’m taking this year. It’s always good to hone one’s skills and to try to learn new things. Even writers need to do that. Sure, we all have the basics down but it never hurts to learn to world-build or write flash fiction or create a language for a fantasy book you might be thinking about. One should be a lifelong learner because there is no way that you’ll know everything.
This week’s photos are just some taken when we were out and about over the years. They were all taken during the springtime and as you can see, most of the time it’s very, very beautiful around here. To see more about my time here in Vienna, check out A Writer In Vienna where there’s even more. I don’t post as much there as I do here but the posts tend to be longer and more about the special places around here. There are some writing related ones there but again, not as much as here.
Again, before I end this week’s column, I wanted to remind everyone of my monthly giveaway. I give away a $25 gift certificate of your choice. The rules are all listed in the right column of the blog and here’s the recap: You must comment to enter. There’s a few other technical things but really, all you need to do is read the post and make a comment on what you’ve read. It’s that easy. I even occasionally throw in an item or two from Vienna. The winner is chosen randomly via for those who wonder.
Hope you enjoyed this little look into Austria and beyond. See you all next week!


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