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The Botanical Garden Trail

Hi Everyone!

Yup…late again…and I just need to get my butt in gear to post on Sunday. Today, my dear husband had a goodbye party for a colleague that he wanted me to attend. Since I don’t get invited to these things very much because of all the cut backs, I was happy to go. This one was put on by individuals and therefore cost nothing to the groups who employed everyone. Little more on that later.
The weather has been very humid, which is very bad for me. I have to be careful because I overheat and sweat. A lot. So much in fact, I’ve come close to passing out. Any time I exert myself too much, I get wet. Today at the party I mentioned above, I came in and was doing fine with minimal sweating. Within twenty minutes of being in a non-air conditioned room, I was dripping. Within thirty, I had to find a chair or risk passing out. Humidity is not my friend and I’ve been this way all my life.
On most days, it isn’t a problem because the temp is in the 80s and the humidity doesn’t get over 40%. That’s good. But this last week, the temperature soared as did the humidity. Most days there wasn’t a cloud in the sky but the last two have produced some thunderstorms in the area, so the heat wave has been broken with the temp going down but the humidity climbing. I am so not looking forward to this next week.
During this hot summer days, we try and do as much inside as we can. During the day, we catch up on reading in the afternoons and try to get all shopping done before noon. Most of the time we’re successful but occasionally we realize we have forgotten something and zoom off to get an item in the afternoon. I get water at every stop and keep the afternoon walking to a minimum if possible.
Praterstern's Hauptallee
Our longer walks are done in the evening and some of them have lasted a couple of hours as I try to get a certain number of steps every day. Yes, I have a FitBit Charge HR that is my lifelong companion and it keeps track of my walking. It’s one of the things I’ve had since I got here as I knew with my increased activity, I’d finally lose some of the extra weight I’ve been carrying around for years. That first year, I lost over 50 pounds and now I’m at around the sixty pound mark. I had a couple of hospitalizations that have made it slow going these past two years. Then last year my father passed away and I wasn’t thinking anything much but about numbers.
And if you all don’t know about a FitBit it’s all based upon the fact that everyone should walk a minimum of 10,000 steps a day. I started with a regular pedometer then graduated to a FitBit Flex that automatically recorded my steps. I’ve finally got what’s called a Charge HR that tracks just about everything. That’s all I did combined with just watching what I ate. Nothing fancy believe me as I’d never kept to it. I want the freedom to choose and do currently with the way I’m going about weight loss. But no matter what is happening in my life, I can do numbers. I have maintained a food diary for over a year and have been counting my steps daily since 2012. That’s without missing a day. The only times I had off were the personal things already mentioned. If I can do it, anyone can.
Vienna is perfect for the walking dieter. That has been my main form of exercise and I’ve been recently upping it since weight-loss wise, I’m at a standstill. Frankly, I just want to be healthier and if nothing else, this place has made me that, all without doing anything out of the ordinary.
The places one can walk here are absolutely amazing. At first, I would huff and puff and threaten to kill my husband with every step. I’d cry if it was too hot in the summer. Now, I’m only grumpy if I get the humidity headache. No headache will find me slogging along to get my steps in or see something new.
I’m always amazed to see something here I’ve never seen before. Like on Sunday, we went to see the movie Jurassic World. Loved it by the way and I’m a die-hard fan of the series. Anyway, I was low on steps and suggested we needed to walk home. The theater is two separate train rides away from our flat, so it’s definitely a bit away.
My husband decided to go a way I’d never been before. We went past some restaurants that I want to go back to and we also discovered that Pup Harry has been on that walk before. The DH thought it was me. LOL! Still, it was a wonderful look at the backstreets of Vienna that I normally don’t get to see. I enjoyed it very much and if it were daytime, I would have taken some pictures.
Amazing Schonbrunn Garden
One last thing this week, if you follow me on Facebook, you’ll note that Pup Harry had some trauma this week. On Saturday, he turned into a snarky terrier when the DH wanted to look at his paw. We had to muzzle him and perform minor surgery as we took a nearly half-inch thorn out of it. We aren’t sure how much was actually embedded in between his toes as it was covered in hair but we know it was some. Still his relief was palatable when we pulled it out. He’s happily on the mend.
Our pictures this week are of some of the places we walk to like the Botanical Garden, Praterstern and Schonbrunn. Yes, it really is that lovely at all those places.
Hope you enjoyed this little look into Austria and beyond. See you all next week!


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