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Harpist at Schottentor

Hi Everyone!

Okay…another late post…but yesterday was my birthday and I decided to lounge an extra day. That means I did absolutely nothing but walking around, trying new things, drinking beer at a pub and having a glorious couple of days. But enough about me…that’s not what you come to the Monday column to see…you want to know all about Austria. So, one with the show!
This week has been interesting in a variety of ways. We’ll start first with the weather as that seems the easiest to think about. LOL! Yeah, one of those weeks. Before we even get there, notice I’m not really late as noted in my explanation. If you’re wondering why, tune in tomorrow as it all has to do with my so-called writing live.
Now, back to the weather. We have gone from hot and humid to cold and humid. Matter-of-fact, last night I should have worn a coat. At least at the beginning of my walk but I only wore a sweater. It doesn’t matter that I peeled it off in the last 1000 steps, the fact is I had it on. That to me is so very, very weird. If your own personal experience tells you that something isn’t up with the weather, you haven’t been paying attention.

Closeup of Harpist
Everyone here in Austria says that the weather has changed since they were kids here. I know that I say the same about Nevada. My kids have been complaining about the humidity there. And with 110 degree temps, I don’t blame them. When I was a kid there, we always had blue, blue skies. In the years before I moved here, and the times I’ve visited in the summer these past few years, there are more and more clouds in the sky. Meaning it’s more humid. At 110, a person has a hard time tolerating 25% humidity as well as the heat. It’s just not good for you.
Still, even with weird weather, I did get out and about this week. I think I’ve mentioned my spa that I go to. If I didn’t, here’s my plug for them. They are called Aisawan and are in the heart of the city. They are on a street literally behind Stephansdom or the huge church at the city center. They are also in a building that was once part of the old city. Meaning, they dug out the basement and are located in the ruins from probably the 1200s. Lots of the shops and places take advantage of what’s under them in that area. For a spa, it makes it lovely as it’s cool and mostly quite below street level. Since other spots around them are being excavated too, you can sometimes hear that noise but it still makes no difference as the environment is so relaxing you just don’t care. And if you want to see what it looks like, I couldn’t take better pictures, so I’m sending you to their website here:
One thing we did this week, and it was associated with my birthday, was to take a Strassenbahn line and ride it to the end. Now we already knew where a few started and stopped. Like the D that runs our street ends at Beethovengang and starts at the Hauptbahnhof right up the street from us. We noticed this week, theirs is going to be a new end place past the Hauptbahnhof soon. Anyway, we picked a line we knew a little about and definitely knew where it started. There are a bunch from a place called Schottentor or Scottish Gate, so we started there.
We decided to take the 43 and see where it ended. We’d been on part of this line before as our doctors are located about 4 stops in. This time, we went past that and got into the foothills. We past a lovely looking vineyard and finally stopped. Getting out, we found a wonderful little restaurant and continued walking up the small trail. It looked like a very nice place but we had to abandon the walk because it started to rain and we didn’t have rain gear. So back in the train we go.
We go all the way back to Schottentor and decide to take a 41. While it didn’t end up in a great place, the architecture that we saw on the way was fantastic. There were some art-deco buildings, some pre-WWI buildings and everything in between. We also saw a few buildings from the mid-1800s like ours is. Because these were far away from the city center, a few of them survived WWII. My husband and I hope to again go on these adventures to see where the line will lead us.
The pictures this week are simple and there are just three. Two are of a harpist I’ve seen quite a lot at the Schottentor Strassenbahn station. Quite frequently, you will have musicians setting up shop in a variety of places. Most of them are professionals and have applied as well as received a permit to play in public. While it all seems impromptu, many times it has been planned in advance so that there is no overlap of the pros. I don’t know how they do it but I do know that I find it fascinating they can work it out somehow.
Pup Harry and the DH in front of Karlskirche
The last picture is of my husband and Pup Harry on one of our many night walks. The church in the background is Karlskirche and is one of the most interesting churches in the area. We went to a concert once when my husband’s parents were here. The acoustics aren’t the greatest but the church itself is awesome with some great frescos throughout.
Hope you enjoyed this little look into Austria and beyond. See you all next week!


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