Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My So-Called Writing Life ~ @oddlynn3 #LynnCrain #amwriting #amreading

I know that I promised yesterday that this one would be up on time but…I’ve been writing most of the day and I figure that is a good excuse to not be posting this. Never mind that the internet decided to be a PIA today and be flaking in and out. It happens a lot here with the older buildings and the rain. Matter-of-fact, I can’t buzz anyone into the building until all the electronics dry out. Oh, the joys of living in an older flat. Sigh.

This past week I have done quite a bit. I’ve written a few blogs and started on the second book in the MacKenzie Clan series with a vengeance this week. The book is titled Deceiving the Scotsman and it’s about the heroine’s assistant and the hero’s brother both from the first book. And it all begins at a wedding. I’ll be posting random bits and pieces on some of the My Sexy Saturday posts. It has a little bit of suspense and intrigue and once I get things more gelled in my mind, I’ll let you all in on it.

And I know that I promised last week to share information regarding specific marketing information regarding my last book but I’m still writing it. I don’t want it to be anything more than a piece about what worked and didn’t work for me. Opinion has no place, other than how it relates to the event, in an article of that nature. I want to be fair and non-judgmental on every level. That means, it needs to be looked over by the crit partners once it’s completed the way I like.

If luck holds out, I might be able to have it up for Thursday’s Tidbits. That’s the day that I actually plan to share information tidbits, which have helped me along the way. Now, other authors can do this too and if you have a tidbit you want to share, just send me an email at lynncrain@cox.net and let me know. I can schedule you in any time and let you know the requirements.

Another great thing that happened to me was that I finally read some of the books that are piling up on my tablet in the Kindle app. Yeah, there are hundreds there. Some I’ve purchased, others I’ve downloaded when an author had a free day and I wanted to help them with their counts. But I don’t think that works anymore and in the last six months, I’ve been more choosy about who I’ve been downloading. Meaning, if I don’t think I’ll ever read it, I don’t download it any more. The only ones that I will download automatically, are friends and authors I know. Yes, I really do believe in the back-scratch theory.

Anyway, the book that I think every writer should read came to me in a StoryBundle Package. That package was full of great writer’s books and I feel that I should be reading one fiction and one non-fiction book at all times. Of course, one is for pleasure and the other to help me hone my craft. I am one of those who feel learning is a life-long mission. I will never learn it all, especially in writing, so I must always be taking a class or reading a book in regards to getting better as a writer.

One of the books in the bundle was by a favorite author of mine, Kristine Kathryn Rusch. She is someone I learned about long ago and wanted her to be my editor if I ever got into the short story market. Today, she is a powerhouse as far as self-publishing goes and gives out damn good information that writers need. This book is called The Write Attitude and most of it is taken from her Thursday blog called The Business Rusch. She blogs about other things but Thursdays are special. The link goes to the pages and all of the articles available.
This book has a compilation of what she considers her best articles on certain topics. Things like being the best writer you can be and life. She calls those things that we can’t predict ‘life rolls’ and by gosh, she’s right. Kris explains it so much better than I can and I had to admit, there were places I was practically crying because she could have been talking to me. I swear, I have done all the bad, the good and the ugly things she mention in this book.

No…not really…but it seems like it. I mean, I’ve yet to follow an editor into the bathroom and shove a manuscript under a stall door. So, I guess I am better than some. LOL!

If you are in a place that you feel like you’ll never dig yourself out of then this is the writing book for you. It is flat out motivating and has tons of useful information. I am already reading parts of it again and definitely looking into taking some classes with her and her husband, Dean Wesley Smith. These two, without even knowing it, formulated much of how I think about writing science fiction. Maybe if I had studied with them years ago, I would have more confidence in myself and be a better writer overall.

Personally, I know my flaws and have some great ideas on how to go around or through them. Every writer has to find the path that is good for them and the one that will work. Still, I highly recommend going to look at the book and check out Kris’ website. You will not be sorry.

Next week, or possibly Thursday, I will be sharing the marketing information and where I feel you’ll get the most bang-for-your-buck on a limited budget of just $250. And don’t despair, you can go it too.

Until then…


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