Wednesday, July 8, 2015

An Apology ~ @oddlynn3 #LynnCrain #amreading #amwriting #amediting

Hi everyone!

I wanted to apologize for not having a Monday's Austria Scoop or My So-Called Writing Life columns this week. I started with a bang and had no internet all of Monday and most of Tuesday. Today comes along and we're having thunderstorms.

To top it off, I'm heading to a conference in Munich and was going to notify you that next week I was taking vacation. Unfortunately, that turned out to be two weeks.

But I can guarantee you that on Monday, July 20th, you'll be in for a special treat with Monday's Austria Scoop. You'll be going to an Austrian wedding with me, complete with pictures that I'm allowed to show and I'll even explain some of the traditions I learned about during the whole wedding process as we've, my DH and I, have been privy to a lot of the happenings.

Also, on Tuesday, July 21st, My So-Called Writing Life will have a run down on conferences and what an author can expect about them. There are so many out there and it all comes down to what you need or want. I'll go over some of the better ones and tell you all about my experience in Munich.

Talk to you then and hope each one of you have an awesome time until I return!


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