Saturday, July 11, 2015

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Welcome to week 100th week of My Sexy Saturday. This week’s theme is We’re Sexy Hot and it’s a very exciting day for this blog. Unfortunately, I have to make it short and sweet as I’m heading out the door to a conference in Munich, Germany. This is the first time I’ve done a conference in Europe and I’m really excited.

Don’t forget, my blog is always hopping with Monday’s Austria Scoop where I talk about Austria and Tuesday’s My So-Called Writing Live where I talk writing and life. Both can be incredibly boring or incredibly exciting. Some weeks it’s a little bit of both. And right now, they are on hiatus until July 20th and 21st and I can’t wait to share with you an Austrian wedding and all about conferences.

Today’s story is one that is now finally complete and in my agent’s hands.  And I am so happy to report that I am now officially a client of the Cherry Weiner Literary Agency. All that’s left is to sign the contract but I am very confident that this will be happening.

You all know the story, Loving the Scotsman, and I consider it my hottest book ever. I am also hoping it’s going to be my breakout book. Here’s the setup if you’ve forgotten:

Eryn Delancie is ready to move away from corporate law and find something new. When she runs into her ex-lover, Logan MacKenzie, through a chance encounter she wonders if he could be part of her new life since their horrible breakup fifteen years ago. The barriers between them are immense and fraught with secrets on both sides, forcing them to overcome past wrongs as they forge a future together.

Here’s my seven sexy paragraphs from Loving the Scotsman:

I looked down at the woman sleeping in my arms again and caressed her beautiful face. It was obvious the sex would be as good if not better. How would I ever get her to love me again?
Monica bit her lip nervously. She was a good friend. I only hoped Eryn understood just how good. Standing, I headed to the door. “Open it for me, I might have something that might work.”
Carrying my precious cargo, I put her down in an armchair close to the middle of the room,  placing her head and hands on the table. I made her as comfortable as I could and turned to both of them. “She’s going to have a hell of a headache when she wakes up in the morning.”
Monica nodded in agreement. “And she’s gonna be pissed she can’t find her underwear.”
I smiled slyly, then pulled it from my pocket to show her where it landed. “I know. You can tell her ‘the stud’ has them.”
She started to chuckle. “You are devious. How did you ever get that way? You weren’t before.”
“Trade secret. Still, it might get us something we both want. You want me to see her again and I want to prove to her we can make it for the long run.”

Keep your fingers crossed that this book will sell quickly. I sure am. And there is a book two tentatively titled Deceiving the Scotsman and a book three, Protecting a Scottish Lass, all wrapped up in the series called The MacKenzie Clan. It’s all about Logan’s siblings and how they deal with various troubles in their lives. I hope you’ll enjoy the stories as much as I am writing them. 
My traditional ePublisher, eXtasy Books, is still having a sale on some of my books at their website. Right now, you can pick up any of the books listed below for just $0.99. If you’ve never read any of my stories, now’s the time to get them at a great discount and see if I write stories you might like. Pick up your copies today!

The Thing About Elves ~ Book 2 in the Santa’s Elves series
The Haunting of Maggie Grey ~ Award-winning Scottish Historical about a woman doctor
Iain and Kelsey ~ Story about a woman’s darkest fantasy
Fluke ~ Book 1 of the Orchid series, sci-fi romance
An Elf’s Desire ~ Book 3 in the Santa’s Elves series
A Love for Eggther ~ Book 3.5 in the Santa’s Elves series
Shopping Spree ~ Story about a very special dress shop

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  1. Congrats on landing an agent! I'm sure this book will get snatched up quickly.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Alexis...I really appreciate it...and hope Loving the Scotsman gets picked up soon as well.

    2. Thanks for stopping by, Alexis...I really appreciate it...and hope Loving the Scotsman gets picked up soon as well.