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Monday’s Austria Scoop ~ @oddlynn3 #AWriterInVienna #LynnCrain #PCers

Hi Everyone!

Or should I say...good afternoon everyone. Sorry to be a meandering writer but that’s me today. A lot has happened in Austria since I was last here. I have some wonderful wedding pictures to show you. I went on a trip to Munich, Germany. And the heat wave that was crippling us finally broke. I mean there were days I couldn’t get out of bed because I was so tired from the heat and humidity. We’re lucky that we have an air conditioner but sometimes that isn’t enough when you have to take Pup Harry for a walk. More on that later.

One of the most fantastic events a romance writer can witness is a wedding. The first weekend of July I was invited to what was considered a typical Austrian wedding. It started at 2 in the afternoon and wouldn’t end until 4 am the next morning. Unfortunately, I could keep my eyes open to stay the whole time but the time I was there, it was magical.

First, the church was magnificent as seen in this picture. The groom was English and it was in the Christ Church in Vienna. This church was only a few blocks from our flat but we took a taxi as the heat was unbearable that day. Besides, who wants to walk in a silk gown in the humidity?

Christ Church Vienna
Second, the reception venue was also just a few blocks from our flat. We were surprised that we had never walked past it before. The Palais Schonburg was where it was held. It had wonderful grounds and the dining room was spectacular. The food was wonderful and you can see what we had on this menu. 

Our Dinner Menu
I’ve also included a picture of us walking up to the place. You can see people but not really their faces, so I don’t think they’ll mind much. (Especially since I’d warned them this was going on my blog in the near future.)

Palais Schonburg Wedding Venue
The trip to Munich was nice and the heat wasn’t so bad there. However, what I did there and pictures from the trip will on tomorrow’s blog. Just suffice it to say, I had a lovely time and met some wonderful people. I was also welcomed back again if I wanted to come.

Now, the past two weeks, and a big part of the reason I didn’t post last week, was because the heat here has been horrible. And I mean the worst it has in the whole four years I’ve been here. We’re talking humidity over 50% each day and temps near or over 100 degrees. To be honest, it’s not the heat that gets to me. I used to that having grown up in the Southwest US but throw the humidity in and you’ve got one unhappy writer.

There were days where I didn’t want to crawl out of bed but knew I had to get a few words down on paper. I mean, a few were better than none…right? Still, I’d rather have the wonderful Austria I’d had in the past summers where the heat lasted only a day or two. This had lasted nearly a month and the only reprieve I got was by getting out of the country.

Many people this year have gone to the mountains only the find that they too are unbearably hot. It’s been eerie a few nights to walk down the streets and absolutely no one is parked there nor is there anyone out. We thought about going out of town too but realized very quickly there was no place in Europe would be cooler than in front of our air conditioner.

So began two weeks of only going out before eight in the morning or past eight at night. There were still times when I would get a headache from the humidity. It was hard to do because even Pup Harry was miserable.

Then a miracle happened. I noticed that my phone’s weather told me that the weekend would have some rain. Rain usually meant a break in the heat. The DH and I compared notes for days and crossed our fingers. We woke up Sunday morning to a substantially lower temp. It was in the high sixties. Today, it rained and now we can go about our business and not fear someone or some pup is going to pass out.

Hope you enjoyed this little look into Austria and beyond. See you all next week!


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