Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday’s Austria Scoop ~ @oddlynn3 #LynnCrain #AWriterInVienna #PCers

Hi Everyone!

Today was full of reading and writing as I try to move ahead with my writing career. Sometimes, it’s harder for me to do a column than it is to write a story. Other days, this is much, much easier. Last week was one of the most beautiful weeks we’ve had so far this summer. The temperatures were cool, the evenings lovely and there was even a night or two where I had to wear a sweater as it had quite a chill in the air.

Not so much this week so far. I woke up this morning to one very wet dog trying to kiss me away. Apparently, it rained unexpectedly while Pup Harry and my dear husband were out on their morning walk. It was a surprise to both of them since there wasn’t any rain predicted at all. Matter of fact, we were lamenting the news that it was supposed to get heat-wave hot again with temps soaring to the high nineties to low hundreds with plenty of humidity. So not good.

But there was one good even that we celebrated this weekend. Now most people wouldn’t celebrate this but it’s incredibly important since the celebration was in regards to my close companion since I’ve been in this country. Pup Harry turned four years old on Saturday. In many ways, he’s still that little, tiny puppy that we brought home from Salzburg one October day. He’s been with me through thick and thin. He’s been my companion when the DH has been on travel.

I actually think of him as a savior because with him I had to exercise and get out of the house. Since I brought him home, I’ve lost fifty pounds – that’s right – 50 pounds and that’s nothing to sneeze at. I had lost a little more but with two hospital visits, one for my kidneys and a minor surgery, I’m allowed to gain a little back but the fact I’ve kept it off is testament to his influence on me. I’m hoping that with him, I’ll lose another fifty because a dog can’t live in a flat without going out. A lot.

Our celebration consisted of doing a long, and I mean long, walk through the Graben and back around the Opera House. It took a couple of hours and it was a very nice way to spend the afternoon. We also gave Pup Harry some steak since it’s his favorite food. He’s the first dog I’ve ever had with a sensitive stomach so we have to be careful and not feed him too much people food.

Here’s some pictures to show Pup Harry as he’s grown up. The captions say it all. He’s a Parsons Russell Terrier and is a little big for his breed. He’s about a half inch taller but with that half inch comes another almost 4 pound but he’s still only 20-22 pounds, which is the smallest dog we’ve ever had. He has a fantastic lineage and it’s our hope that we can breed him once when we get back to the States. I haven’t got a picture of his stance but it’s awesome because you can tell he has champion lines.

Pup Harry's 1st night

Pup Harry in my office

Waking up from a nap

Am I in trouble?

Pup Harry in Rome

Pup Harry in Venice

Pup Harry in winter

Pup Harry in summer

Pup Harry sleeping in his travel bag as he waits for his next great adventure

He’s a great little dog and is the thing I’m most grateful that Austria has given me. Hope you enjoyed this little look into Austria and beyond. See you all next week!


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