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Welcome to week 124th week of My Sexy Saturday. This week’s theme is One Sexy Girl. Obviously this theme is about a sexy heroine and all my books have sexy heroines. But this week I’m going to give you a rare treat from a work-in-progress. I don’t share too many of those and it’s not because I don’t want to, no, I love sharing. But most of the time it’s just not the right moment to share something new. However, this one is going to my agent and cross your fingers, something great will happen with it.

This week has been tough on the world as we lost David Bowie and Alan Rickman to cancer. They are both deeply embedded in my life with Ziggy Stardust, Labyrinth, Die Hard and Harry Potter. No one will ever take their place.

Because I am on deadline with this current book, I forgot all about Monday’s Austria Scoop and Tuesday’s My So-Called Writing Life last week.  This week I’m already ahead of the game as they are scheduled and ready to go. Hopefully, you’ll drop in to see what I have to say. Don’t forget about the $25 Amazon Gift Certificate that is still up for grabs. I will give it out on Sunday, January 31, 2016. So comment often for a chance that at wonderful gift.

This week’s story is HeartSword: Chronicles of the Prophecy. It’s the 1st book in the series and one that sets up the quest to free two gods and lovers from the Lifesteel they are imprisoned in. There are four books in the series and each book is about a couple, who are Chosen to keep evil at bay and free the lovers from their prison. Here’s the setup:

Erin Kesara must come to grips with her fate as holder of the legendary HeartSwords before she can begin to confront the Prophecy. Recently widowed, she is stunned to find her lifemate has been with her for years as her BloodSworn Protector, Malick Pendragon. Together they must forge an unbreakable bond not only with themselves but with the swords before evil devours the world in which they live. With the help of six others and the HeartSwords themselves, they begin a quest driven by the Prophecy as the events unfold before them. 

Here’s my seven paragraphs from HeartSword: Chronicles of the Prophecy:

Erin stopped dead in the street, pulling Malick around to face her. He acted like he had won her in a card game, or worse, from one of the many caravans of nomads which roamed the wastelands of Moran. “Will you stop acting like I am the prize in some grand game?”
“Do you think this has been easy for me? I have known for many annua who you were...who I was.” Obsidian eyes looked deep into azure ones. “Do you know what it has been like to see you with Edwain, knowing what you two...,” he choked off the words.
No, she had not known...had never thought about it. No, that was not exactly true. She thought about it ... at least once that she could remember. Her mind drifted back to the time when she first saw Malick, bruised and battered from the abuse of his captors. She had been younger and as haughty as a banty cockra. First, she challenged his captors, then she challenged him for the right to the rest of his life. Why had he given in so easily? She always assumed that it was because of the havoc she caused among the blooded warriors and the fact that Malick had a raging fever. She downed five of his captors before they acceded all rights of the man to her.
“What made you accept my challenge?”
“My god, woman!” he exploded. “Have you ever really looked at yourself? With anything other than the critical eye of a warrior?” He watched her shake her head. “Erin, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. And if we do not get to Orazio soon, I swear by the god in this sword, I will take you here.”
His hand wound fiercely in her hair, pulling her face to his. The kiss was anything but gentle, his lips anything but soft. Savagely he kissed her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth with superb mastery.
Erin, understanding years of pent up frustration were being released, tried to pull back. But then the kiss took on a more subtle flair.

Like I stated previous, I am currently under deadline for this book. Once completed or rather edited since it was finished long ago, she will begin shopping it around and we’ve got high hopes for it.  

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  1. Very sexy. I like it when a girl is reminded she is beautiful. It's endearing.

  2. I will def add this to my TBR pile, but I actually need to get to that pile, lol