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My Sexy Valentine ~ @oddlynn3 #LynnCrain #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #MSS128

Welcome to week 128th week of My Sexy Saturday. This week’s theme is My Sexy Valentine. I know that Valentine’s is a totally invented holiday by the card companies but it is one I love all the same. Unfortunately, I don’t have any Valentine stories at all and it makes me sad. To me Valentine’s can be a lot of things: a new found lover, reclaiming an old lover, and even love fulfilled. Needless to say, I do have a lot of ideas on the subject.

Lots of things I’m still doing. I’m hopeful that I’ll fulfill my deadline but there are still many things I need to complete before I call that one done and off to my agent. The move is progressing kinda as planned as that’s another area where there are lots of things to be done. Yes, I’m working on stories that will be released later in the year. A few of them had been scheduled the year my father passed away and I couldn’t get back into them until now. The winner of last month’s $25 Amazon gift certificate will be announced tomorrow. So please look for it. I will give you all day today to comment, then I will pick one winner and post it here on Sunday. We’ll have one final giveaway before I go to the States on February 23rd as that’s when the computer gets taken away from me. So, don’t forget to comment on Monday’s Austria Scoop and My So-Called Writing Life this week to get into the drawing on February 23rd. Comment often!

This week’s story was one that I meant to have out a few years ago. Unfortunately, my father passed away that year and not a lot got done. Needless to say, it devestated me in many ways and I wasn’t sure about writing or life at that time as it all seemed so bleak. As they say, time heals all wounds and while I’ll always miss him, he’d be kicking my butt if I ever stopped writing. So, I’m back at it and trying to tie up loose ends and promised stories that I didn’t complete. Here’s the setup for Worth The Wait:

Jenny Adams wasn’t a popular girl in high school. No one understood the attraction star-running back Reese MacGyver had for her, least of all Jenny. When it looked as if things were getting hot and heavy before going away to college, Reese put on the brakes by soliciting a promise from her that they would get together, if neither were taken, at their tenth high school reunion. In a split-second decision and because of her love for him, Jenny puts it all in, vowing to make good on a teenage wish.

But ten years is a long time to wait. While Jenny has had relationships come and go, the promise always remains on her mind even when Reese becomes the man of every woman’s dream. He’s been very busy with his life and has become one of the richest men under thirty in decades. Jenny has done good too but not nearly that good and she wonders if he’ll be a man of his word as their tenth reunion looms.

And as the day draws ever closer, she wonders if it will all be worth the wait…

Here’s my seven paragraphs from this amazing WIP:

     Plopping down beside her, he took her hand. “I know that we’ve been great friends and neither one of us ever felt comfortable to take it further. At least not now.”
     She swallowed hard then. It wasn’t for her lack of trying. If he only knew just how much she had wanted to jump him every time she saw him, she thought before she answered. “Okay. I guess I agree with that.”
     “Good. I want you to promise me that if we are both unmarried at our tenth high school reunion, we’ll get together. We’ll be twenty-eight and should know what we want by then. Promise me?”
     She could remember his earnest look on his face as if he still sat beside her. She couldn’t bring herself to remember any more because if she did, she would cry. The conversation had been very serious and made her wonder just why she promised him something about a future she doubted. Closing her eyes, she was jolted out of her thoughts by the sound of something hitting the table. Slowly opening her eyes, she licked her lips.
     In the middle of the table were a pair of jeans. Not just any jeans but the jeans she wore that last day they’d been together. She remembered them well because she had put some embellishments on them which at the time were seen by a lot of people as gaudy. When she had gotten home that favorite pair of jeans wasn’t in her bag. She had looked for them for days and finally had broken down by placing a call to Reese. She was very disappointed to find that he had already left for college the day before.
Looking up, she smiled. “I see you found my jeans.” He was more handsome than ever with the same impish look in his eyes.
“I never lost them.” His deep voice rumbled through her again touching her in ways that only he could.

I love this story and wasn’t surprised to see that I only have a few more tweaks to do before it’s completed. It will go off to my editor before I leave Vienna and hopefully, go on presale at the end of March with it being widely available by April 15, 2016. And that’s a promise I plan to keep.

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