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Welcome to week 136th week of My Sexy Saturday. This week’s theme is My Sexy Day. According to the post, this is the meme’s nod to Chick Lit…sorta…and that’s a quote. From there it went on cover that genre and more. Which made me happy as I really don’t have any but I do have flippant heroines all over the place.

I have a work in progress that I’m going to talk a little about, some to get your feedback and some to start ferreting out the best story possible. I hope you like it because it’s due very soon and since I’m going to be at RT all next week, I’m hoping I’ll have plenty of time to work it all out.

I honestly can’t remember if I tracked down my winner of my $25 Amazon gift certificate and I plan to track her down this weekend. I’ll make sure I do and the GC prize is in effect once again. I will be starting my Monday’s Austria Scoop, even though I don’t live there anymore I still have a lot of stories to share. I will also be starting My So-Called Writing Life again this week. Remember  to comment often on all of this month’s columns because I will be giving the $25 Amazon AC on the last day of the month. More on that in other columns.

Like I said, this week’s story is a new one. And it’s a time travel. And though it doesn’t really fit the theme, it’s better than most. I hope you enjoy it. Here’s the setup for Sealed With A Kiss:

Year: 2084
Time travel has become a very real possibility but not quite accomplished. However, when Detective Tandi Reynolds gets an old letter delivered to her at her precinct in Nevada, she doesn't know what to think of the cryptic note.

Dear Tandi,
There is a traitor in your midst and he's planning to assassinate the heir to the Austrian line. Please take care when ferreting him out of his hidey hole. It might be best if you come to my timeline to rid yourself of the vermin.

And while you may think me rather forward, I've sealed this letter with a kiss so you can verify my identity when we meet.

Leopold Radetzky von Radetz

This can be devastating for the European Union as the Austrian heir is currently in line to be president of the Union as well as being one of the world’s leading business men.

But Tandi is a quick study and realizes that Leopold is correct. It's better to stop a problem before it starts. Getting to 1870s Vienna is the least of her worries as she is plunged into a world of royal intrigue, international politics and romantic liaisons.

Can she skillfully negotiate Europe of the past and keep her heart intact?

Please remember, this is a work-in-progress and basically from the first draft of this story. You are the first to see anything from this work. You’ll be seeing a lot of it in the coming weeks, if it fits the bill. Here’s my seven paragraphs from this amazing new story:

Tandi rubbed the back of her head. That was so not what she was expecting. The intense white light emitted from her mode of transportation had made her eyes hurt and now she felt she’d been on an all-night bender with the nastiness clinging to the inside of her mouth. She swallowed hard trying to dissipate the feeling and prayed she was close to her target destination: Lord Radetsky’s palace.
She couldn’t believe she was here nor when here was. True time travel had always been theoretically possible, but…she stretched her neck, trying not to think about it…she had a job to do then hopefully return to her well-ordered life.
Hell, who was she kidding? Once she got back, her life would be anything but well-ordered as she’d be the first person who had successfully travelled through time. Unfortunately, that would all be kept within the confines of the newly formed New World Order Time Travel Division. NOW was the group who was in charge of most of the world’s police forces and while not an optimum solution, or name for that matter, it was working in 2084.
Let’s face it, the only reason she was sent back her was that the letter had come to her and it was a direct threat on the man who would lead the European Union. She tried to get her bearings as she looked around her. It took a moment before she could see the lush grounds attached to a Viennese Palace. The gentle noise from the fountains calmed her nerves as she moved, a little unsteadily, toward it.
She soon found herself at the edge of a magnificent pool with flowing water, complete with cherubs and horses and…what were those things? She leaned over, cupped her hands and pulled the cool water over her face. It did little to dissipate the nausea she felt welling up. She now realized she should not have eaten that pastrami sandwich before she left and she heaved the contents of her stomach into the fountain.
The sharp intake of breath behind her, made her turn and sink to the ground with a slight moan. The handsome man with dark hair and blue eyes was talking to her but Tandi couldn’t understand a word he said. Any other time and she’d be drooling over how attractive the man was. Through her sickness haze, she reached up and pushed the small button behind her ear. To most, it would look like a mole but to her it would be a lifesaver. And the tone of the man couldn’t be more clear.
“Tell me you didn’t just puke in my fountain?” He gave a disgusted click of his tongue and frowned at her before moving to her side. His hand went to her head. “You’re clammy. Guess time travel is rough going, huh?” Hauling her up to her feet and then sweeping her up in his arms when her knees buckled. “I guess you’re the great Tandi Reynolds, the woman sent to save the world.”

I really love writing this story and the scheduled release date for this anthology is June 21, which happens to be my birthday. I’m so excited to have a new story in the works. What’s even more exciting is that I’ll have a lot of new things coming this summer. I can’t wait to share them all with you.

My traditional ePublisher, eXtasy Books is still having a sale on the books listed below. You can get a substantial savings and even some free things by just visiting their website. Hope to see you there and don’t forget to pick up your copies today!

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Shopping Spree ~ Story about a very special dress shop

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See you all next week with more My Sexy Saturday!


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