Wednesday, July 14, 2010

From Patti Shenberger

Help me welcome good friend, Patti Shenberger to my blog. We used to do a blog together at one time and have followed each other's careers for a while. When I saw on another loop she had secured an agent, I leapt for joy right along with her as it is very much deserved.

Let's help her celebrate!

Lessons in Love
© Copyright Patti Shenberger
All Rights Reserved, Devine Destinies


Where There's Smoke

"Actually, it started while I was sulking on the couch.” Cassie jumped up and paced back and forth. “It’s all David’s fault. If he hadn’t proposed to Tiffany, this never would have happened. He was supposed to come here tonight. I was making him a special meal. Now look at this place. It’s a mess.”

“Let me get this straight,” the fireman interrupted. “The fire was caused by a guy who wasn’t even here?”

House Calls

Every time he moved, her heart beat a little faster at the way his jeans hugged his backside. Polly shook her head to clear away her distracted thoughts. Checking out his butt was not on the agenda. Getting the roof fixed and the water stopped was. But then again, a nice view did tend to make the day go by faster.

Be My Valentine

What was wrong with her? Here she was about to spend time conferring with her daughter’s teacher, talking about a school party, and yet all she could think about were his blue eyes and the warmth of his hand when it covered hers. Mentally cursing herself, she patted a few loose strands of hair back in place and reached for the entry door. Sam rose as she walked toward the table.

Thanks, Patti for sharing!

See you all tomorrow!



  1. Hi Lynn and Patti,
    I loved the blurbs and wanted to say Congrats to Patti.Do you have a web site Patti so I can check it out. :)
    Carol L.

  2. I do Carol, my website is Thanks so much for asking. And thanks Lynn for posting.

  3. Thanks Lynn and Patti for posting the blurbs. Patti, what was your secret for finding an agent?

  4. Patti, I just love that cover! It's gorgeous. :-) Congratulations again on securing an agent who is not only passionate about your work, but is ready and able to put it out there and push forward. Been there, done that, and it makes ALL the difference in the world! I'm excited for you!!

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  6. Not sure how I deleted my post...but I've got skillz!!

    Believe me when I say my original post would have brought tears to your eyes at the wonder and beauty of--yeah okay, I'm full of it.

    I did mention how deserving you are of the accomplishment of finding an agent! True story.

    This is your time, Patti. Enjoy.

    Best, Gin

  7. Diane, I had actually been 'working' with Kevan Lyon, Jill's parnter in hopes of signing with her. Then Kevan mentioned she was phasing out category from ehr list and passed me to Jill. It was literally one day after she gave Jill my partial, Jill called.

  8. Thanks Marianne, I am doing the happy dance still!

    Hey Gin, thanks for the note, and I'm sure it would have brought tears to my eyes (G) You are more than prolific my friend!

  9. Diane,

    You are very welcome. Patti is a wonderful writer and I admire her greatly.

    Thanks for stopping by!