Thursday, July 15, 2010

Me & The Hot Southwest

All of you know by now I live in southern Nevada, which is in my mind one of the hottest places on earth. For example, on Monday we woke up to temperatures over 100 and some humidity. The week has gotten progressively worse in my honest opinion. It should be a time when I hole up in my house and turn the air on high.

The issue isn’t the cost of the power bill but the fact it doesn’t help me. I have a brick house and the bricks heat up during the day. Once the sun goes down, that heat slowly dissipates throughout my home. Thankfully, my office since I had the doors put on for my Christmas present is probably the coolest room in the whole place. I can actually feel a temperature difference between my skin and the outside air.

Now tonight, as I have been doing every night for the last nine nights, I went for a walk. About fifteen minutes in, I knew I was in trouble. The sweat was pouring down the center of my back and we all know where that ends up. LOL!

I kept trudging away because if I didn’t I would not have accomplished the goal I set out for myself. Eighteen days ago, I made a commitment to me and that commitment included a nightly walk with my husband and our dog. We didn’t start walking until I knew I was comfortable with my very calorie diet as it can be a shock to the system. Believe it or not, I don’t miss the food...yet...LOL! If you want to know more about me and this new diet, go to my other blog, Journey From Fat 2 Fit, and you’ll get the full scoop. Find it here:

So here I am walking and I suddenly feel this cool, cool breeze. I look ahead and see the sidewalk covered with water. The sprinklers are still going in this particular yard and the dog right along with me frolics in the decreased temperature. We both try to get ourselves as wet as we can before we move on. Granted, these were not high-powered waterspouts but enough was deposited on my shirt I kept fairly cool the rest of the evening.

Now the dog on the other hand went berserk in this yard and the next one we found. He tries to drink the water from the spray and then he immerses himself until he has to shake the water off. Once it’s all over, he gives us his goofy smile and wants to find the next wet yard. Sometimes I wish I was as carefree as my dog, going from wet yard to wet yard, making sure my immediate need of being too hot was taken care of as quick as possible.

But alas, I’m human and I have deadlines and family and a life very rich in personal as well as professional things. As I look back, wondering how I got here some days, I know I wouldn’t be anywhere else. It’s a great time in my life. The youngest is getting ready to go to college, the oldest is a father and I get to travel with the DH when everything lines up properly. Vienna isn’t going to work this summer because I’m not going to spend $2K for a ticket and that’s the going rate. It has been for almost nine months. Sigh. I know I’ll get there.

Just like I’ll get out of the hot southwest sometime. I want to go somewhere like here

Yes, that is me walking away from the camera is a cool and very green countryside.

Or how about here. Aren’t both places very gorgeous? Guess where they are and let me know. If you get both correct or even one for that matter, you’ll get a special gift!

See, I know dreams come true. All my life I dreamed of being an author, a published author who saw their books in print, who had many releases and became a bestseller. Well, three out of four isn’t bad and I am working on the last one. have your dreams stacked up to your reality? Let me know and I’ll throw an extra entry into the hat for this month’s contest.

Till tomorrow...



  1. Hey Lynn,
    I'm not a heat person because I sweat so much.I was a big walker for most of my life and now I'm lucky if I can walk 5 blocks because of my back and hip.But I wish you luck o reaching your goal and I know you'll win just from reading your blog.I can see how determined you are. :)
    Is it Montana ? Beautiful scenery wherever it is though.
    Carol L.

  2. Carol,

    The heat has really gotten to me this week and continued to the weekend. The swim in a friend's pool yesterday has helped a lot and increased my need to find a home with a pool. LOL!

    Thanks for the encouragement on losing weight, I need all the help I can get. :-)

    The first picture is in Scotland and the second is in Idaho. Both are areas I love dearly and want to go back as soon as I can.

    Thanks for stopping by!