Friday, July 16, 2010

This & That Friday

Howdy! I have decided that Fridays will be the day I share the links and whatnot people have shared with me during the week. I get these links mainly via Twitter and email. Occasionally they will come in a newsletter but I get a lot the other media. Some I shake my head and some are great.

As you know I had been keeping them in a file and just posting them when the file because a full page. But this week, the file had more than five pages of good information. What I will be doing is pulling the best of them and sending them to you as well. This will allow me more time to write as I don’t have to think of something to put up. LOL! Yeah, I know, I am lazy. But I value my writing time and some days, it’s harder to do this blog than it is to do a 5K chapter. I kid you not.

So here are your first ten links on the very first this and that Friday!

One of the cutest videos you will ever see! Enjoy!

This is a really good blog on perspective and alternate lifestyles.

What?!? I had to read this twice. I didn’t know I was writing to a trend. Besides, it’s how they use the institution of plural marriage. If all are created equal then all is well.

This is a body I so love!

Okay, funniest Alien trailer ever: Alien versus Ninja

Yeah, it had my interest! LOL!

Impulse buying of ebooks! Oh Happy Day! And yes, there are two blog listed here!

Kick ass contest for all of those who read sci-fi romance. Yeah, enter this one because you never might win...imagine that!

Interesting grouping of postings from TOR. These will take place over a few days and you might want to bookmark it for easy access.

Fan of Firefly? Then this is for you...or not...LOL!

I sure do hope you enjoyed this little foray into just part of what rolls across my desk daily. See you all tomorrow and have a fantastic Friday.




  1. Hi Lynn,
    Thanks for sharing all these interesting links.I'll go check them out. :)
    Carol L.

  2. Carol,

    You are very welcome. I figure since I get to have some fun every day, you all should too!

    Thanks for stopping by!